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  1. I already knew that! been doing that since september! Anyways if you want to have the "on *:signal:mta.* {" support on 3.16 without waiting for 3.17 add this into your script: There! Instant Signal support
  2. Disaster

    *TLR* CLAN

    How can he be kicked again if he never got kicked the first time? Didn't he quit the first time he left TLR?
  3. I already knew that, but its still annoying when i have to close all those windows!
  4. in the meantime whats the newest stable version that doesnt have that pm window annoyance?
  5. oh please oh please take that private pm window off next release! or at least give an option to disable it!
  6. Disaster

    ULK/KFC Threads

    Damn I was just gonna compliment Kungfu on kfc thread for an action he did then I noticed this thread and had to delete it
  7. Dont lock this topic! Posty r0xz!
  8. Just update the libraries like i did
  9. i think its pretty much the same way you do it in pro
  10. I've been saying that the whole time! Didnt you see my flaming post in the ulk forums Death?!
  11. Damn script kiddies,.... GL guys on trying to solve the problem!
  12. Heh, yea I just decided to bug em for fun
  13. And what does that have to do with this board? Take it up with KFC not here
  14. Damnit, I had this problem like 9 months ago with gta3, I just reformatted to fix it. I wish I knew this earlier! ARGH!
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