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  1. Hey guys, My name is Rosen and i am new to the forum and what interested and brought me here is the awesome things MTA allows to be created. The thing is that I love making mod packs for the single player version of GTA:SA but there is one modification that is missing and that is - proper sounding cars.Not the original car sounds that just loop as if the car is in first gear indefinitely and the moment you let go of the gas the car sounds like its going at 0 MPH. In my (failed) search for such a modification i realized that only scripts for MTA exist that make car sounds actually good - like this one And this is the most basic one but i don't really need something more advanced than that to be able to enjoy the game just something better than just replacing the original GTA:SA car sounds that loop as if the car is accelerating at first gear indefinitely , its horrible , i hope you understand. I want to create the same effect in the original game as no one has ever done that before as it is SOOOO important IMO to properly get immersed as driving cars is a CORE mechanic in the GTA franchise and you cannot enjoy the game in 2017 with such :~ty car sounds. I want to create the ultimate GTA:SA mod pack but its not possible until such a mod is created and i am afraid it may never happen and its a shame , really ;/ BUT i believe its not THAT complicated it should be possible .... At least the guy released the source code and its very simple really so it gives me hope that it is possible to convert/create in the single version of the game via cleo or asi or moonloader. Here is the source ( and here is something i would kill for to have in single player I am willing to pay $$$ if someone can create this. Kind Regards, Rosen