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    Report community resources here!

    Another weapon mod from the same kid with no desc: https://community.mtasa.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=15038 and.. another one: https://community.mtasa.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=15035 and of course a repost of Gore-Mod by crazyserega1994 with "Zabpehely" name in the meta... disgusting! Original Gore-Mod: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=2363 Repost: https://community.mtasa.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=15025 DONE
  2. OriginalDzsipszi

    Report community resources here!

    skinmod: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15028 weaponmod: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15034 also my switch-sound script: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15024 proof: https://imgur.com/a/Gkxbu furthermore my spawn-protect script: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15031 No description for that resource, plus i have proof for that to because i have the un-compiled original version which he don't: https://imgur.com/a/DZ8Ro These resources from "Zabpehely" are ALL stolen, and i think it's kind of a Revenge upload against me DONE
  3. OriginalDzsipszi

    Report community resources here!

    As I guessed well well what do we have here: "Zabpehely" also reposted a crosshair script by TimmY14 Original: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=6140 Repost: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15027 Proof without folders in: https://imgur.com/a/2uLrF DONE
  4. OriginalDzsipszi

    Report community resources here!

    From the same uploader guy "Zabpehely" as Tails as mine script was stolen even my map-model here is the script (included model files): https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15045 also my killstreak images: https://community.mtasa.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=15042 ---- proof video over 1 year ago when the map was in un-compiled form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5elb32JmZDY DONE