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  1. ربنا يوفقك تقبل مروري
  2. ممكن توضح اكتر؟
  3. use setElementAlpha setElementCollisionsEnabled
  4. أريد مود مثلا اكتب CheckRes يجبلي ألاوامر اللي فيه سريع ونبي
  5. يب أللعبة تقولي كذا ولما ادوس No وادخل اي سيرفر يقولي you are kicked from the game #VF 0200000
  6. omakmoh

    maybe virus -_-

    i'm have kaspersky anti-virus
  7. omakmoh

    maybe virus -_-

    i'm have a problem maybe virus and make a new windows , re instal GTA:SA try reinstall MTA:SA need a solve not have any cheat program
  8. omakmoh

    virus problem

    ccw i'm make a post 4Dec 2017 & you say to me install anti-viurs done problem still
  9. ok i'm test and talk you
  10. i'm open my game say : you dont have a Viurs Projection i'm have a viurs projection and i'm join the server you were kicked from the game : VF #2 28070000