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  1. I see, most of the players that I've been talking to are using Windows 10, guess this is something to do with MTA then, hope it gets fixed soon. I really don't enjoy watching my computer go into a blue screen all the sudden.
  2. Every single time I open the game I have to select option A and then wait for the next thing that pops up to choose which GPU I want to use because I've got two monitors. I thought thtat by selecting option C (Standard NVidia with exe rename) would fix that and remember it next time I opened the game, but it hasn't. Could anyone please help me find a way to fix this? Thank you.
  3. I just created an account here to come post the same thing, second bluescreen I get because of this "fairplayKD.sys" file, I've already added it as an exception to my anti-virus, but it didn't help. I've noticed that everyone with this issue is using Windows 10, it might have something to do with the Fall Creators Update, I just hope there's fix for this, because I've just lost all my configurations I had in MTA.