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  1. [REL] Personal Messages (Custom Design)

    Link not working
  2. [REL] Churchill's BetterWeather system v1.0

    Nice bro
  3. Need Red vs Blue (RvB) DM Gamemode

    Hello guys i want to get RvB gamemode i cant find it pls give me to link to download it or anyone have this gamemode pls give me
  4. spwan with parachute

    Thank you very much 😍
  5. spwan with parachute

    Thns bro what is the type client or server ?
  6. spwan with parachute

    client ? or server ? but thanks a lot my chung <3 does not work bro pls tell me how to active this ?
  7. spwan with parachute

    hellow ! i need to know how player spwan with parachute in sky like pubg player spwaning im use this for freeroam pls help me friends
  8. random skyfall spwan point for map

    thanks bro how i give wepon for spwaned player at sky ? pls help me im a begnineer in scripting
  9. random skyfall spwan point for map

    hellow i think to make battle game mode like pubg. i need to know how to create a map and add random sky fall spawn point to it how i do it ? pls help me

    server redirect system (you can redirect player to another server using this script sorry for my little english) you can edit server names and ip & ports in client.lua & server.lua Don't forgot to give admin this resource #eUNLOCK PRODUCTION MY FIRST RESOURCE REL COMMENT YOUE IDEAS AND HELP ME TO DEVELOP THIS DOWNLOAD https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15214
  11. waht is the commands

    what is the commands to create a video intro for server ? and how to create automated video stop timer ? addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot, function () ? = ?("video.mp4",true) end )
  12. [REL] [GM] Tactics 1.2

    Can you give me copy of acl.xml in tactics server
  13. Pubg

    Need to contact mta pubg server owner
  14. Need [pubg] battle ground gamemode

    Bro who is the mta pubg server owner pls give his facebook profile link or email
  15. [Resource] Simple rulette MTA game

    Good job bro keep it up