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  1. hey how to disable keys I don't want them I just want confirm when you buy not key
  2. install gta.exe hoodlum
  3. so I want few scripts first of all script that would save kills and deaths even with restarts and things like that on scoreboard other two scripts would be gangs and turfs turfs would be in san Fierro and las venturas example for turf would be Battery Points, Espalade North bases would be kacc ,bayside marina, fallen tree , mountain chiliad , green palms map gang with tags on scoreboard create gang wth /gangcreate and then gui pops and you need to fill it (GUI) Gang Name : ( ) max 30characters Gang Tag : ( ) max 15characters Gang Color R : ( ) G : ( ) B : ( ) gang skin : ( ) gang commands : /gang - shows everyone in gang their Name and gang balance /gang kick - would kick someone in gang /gang delete - deletes gang /gangcreate - creates gang /gang base - if gang has base leaders or co-leaders could buy cars for it or weapons /gang deposite - you could deposit money but you cant withdraw money gang should have few commands for everyone in gang /gang it show everyone on the gang with ranks like Leader Co-Leader Member Newbie there could be max 3co-leaders Leader could enter all commands / Co-Leader could use all commands exept /gang delete and couldn't kick the leader or co-leaders members could use /gang and could attack turfs newbies is people who can't attack turfs for first 6hours also gang would gain money only when they have base in base there would be marker with all information like balance ,members ,turfs owned ,money gain from turfs tell me price to pm and if theres anyone who could do something for free because I ain't very rich