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    UZI Weapon

    I believe you can configure weapon properties: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetWeaponProperty (moved to Scripting section)
  2. If this thread isn't helpful to you, and you're looking for a locking system involving coding, please ask your question in the Scripting section. Also be aware that methods like teaEncode are fairly documented, so you'll probably want to expect having to code it yourself, or purchase an existing script (request that in the Resources board).
  3. If this server caters to an English playerbase, please translate it and we'll let you keep the thread. If it's meant to attract only Turkish players, please stick to the thread you created in the Turkish board.@BlackEagle
  4. Please use the Spanish board for future posting in said language: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/166-spanish-español/ We'll move this thread to the correct board, so please don't make a duplicate. Thanks
  5. Blender doesn't support collision export, that's what I read from those working with Blender. They use 3ds Max for exporting to GTA SA formats.
  6. If you want your collision to retain surface properties and mesh used by original collision, you'd have to import the original collision used by that object. This collisions guide may help you get started, otherwise please leave a reply if you got any questions: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/119808-collisions/ If you don't really care about surface materials lost, what you could do is tell COL IO (3ds Max script) that your high detail model is your collision model. Simply select it when exporting to .col as the collision model. Make sure that your model is exported at 0,0,0 world coordinates and that it shares same pivot as your high detail model. @swag_k_dog
  7. You need to update model 1's collision by filling the gap that now appears after you attached the new mesh. Your model's boundings are also not calculated for the entire new model, resulting in camera clipping issues which can only be addressed by updating the collision. Please check my signature for a link to user guides section, click the thread titled 'Collisions'. It explains how to import collisions of any world object. @Lisuu1
  8. Please show your project scene and upload files that can be imported in 3ds Max 2017. Also specify which vehicle you're replacing. Besides that I'd like to know the importer and exporter that you used. @mucuk6547
  9. What you're refering to is likely a well made interior wall system. These aren't simple to make, and thus they're probably charging money for the system. If you're not up to pay for that, I think you're out of options, unless you want to learn adding models to your server by yourself.
  10. Those walls are SAMP custom objects. In SAMP you can add custom ID's for world objects but not in MTA. What you could do is replace the Liberty City cutscene objects from GTA SA, those objects occupy around 10 ID's. You can find the wall models in SAMP.img I think it's called. Name should be the same as on its prineside page. https://dev.prineside.com/en/gtasa_samp_model_id/search/?q=19447 For replacing models you can use engineReplaceModel function. I hope this post made sense. Good luck and if you have any questions, let me know. The below code example would replace ID 3907 with a custom object. Lua and metadata respectively. col = engineLoadCOL ("3907.col") -- sandbags engineReplaceCOL (col, 3907) txd = engineLoadTXD ("3907.txd") engineImportTXD (txd, 3907) dff = engineLoadDFF ("3907.dff") engineReplaceModel (dff,3907) <file src="3907.col" /> <file src="3907.txd" /> <file src="3907.dff" />
  11. Tut


    If you require technical support for client issues, please post here and include a detailed description of the issue, thanks @Aiken As a side note, please familarise yourself with the forum guidelines & rules on appropriate posting: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/12275-forum-rules/
  12. Do you want me to export the subtitles in plain text so that you can have it translated to your language? I can also just note down the steps though. On a second thought let me just do that. It's written on this thread (which I linked in the guide that you just read): https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/119240-mta-modding-in-3d/ In short what you're going to do is extracting all .txd files from the gta3.img using TXD workshop. Then you'll create a folder called 'png'. Open the program 'MagicTXD' and use the 'Mass extract' feature. Set up your output path to the folder 'png'. Set the file type to png. Set the images to export with the option 'with texture name only'. What you have to know is that there are many textures in the game using same name, but look different, so you're going to have few objects with the wrong texture... this is something that you can fix later though. That's about it. Any questions please let me know.
  13. Very nice, keeping it to SA style is awesome. It's deserving of its own showroom.
  14. Hello @mucuk6547 For textures to show on render, you need to set up a user-path under the Customize tab on the top. In essence this is your project folders that you're telling Max to look through and search for textures named that of the textures stored in the model's materials. It's important that you take note of the filetype that Max wants. If it wants .png or .tga then you must have the respective file type in your project folder. If you then want to show the textures in viewport (not recommended with large scenes like those imported through IPL) you can use the viewport settings to display materials.
  15. You'll need developers who are experienced in file optimization across sound, texture and model field. Those with knowledge in the fields can bring down all 85 of your 20mb sound files to just a few megabytes, or kilobytes, cut down polygons from 120k to 12k or effectively compress textures to barely no size while retaining most of the vital details. If your developer can do this, he can do it for the rest of the server's assets as well, which equals a very low download size for the server. And if these heavily optimized assets are frowned upon by players with high end computers, you can utilise a LOD system which lets users choose higher graphic settings for higher quality assets, but keeping the lowest LOD setting as default for newly joining players. Optimization is one thing, retopologising and recreation of assets is another. While the former destroys areas on the asset, it's by far a lot easier on development time and thus can get the desired result ready a lot sooner. TL;DR you'll need to find someone experienced in optimization of model, texture, sound files etc.
  16. Tut

    Handling for RP?

    There's handling documentation here: http://projectcerbera.com/gta/sa/tutorials/handling To get started with handlings you can use hedit (or create your own script; of which i cannot help you with): https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=3716 Wiki: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetVehicleHandling I'll be able to answer questions specific to vehicle handling, but not able to help coding it. Also I've moved your thread to Scripting section.
  17. Hello and welcome to the forums. Please use the Portuguese language board for future threads in that language. This is an otherwise English community. Thanks. For reference: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/97-portuguese-português/
  18. Hello and welcome to the forums! Please use the Portuguese language section if you do not want to get help through English language. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/97-portuguese-português/ This would be the appropriate section: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/127-programação-em-Lua/ In your case we'll move your thread there, so you won't have to create another. Stick to this and receive the help needed. @Dadinho2828
  19. We cannot offer much help on this, it's a third party problem and something you would have to consult the server developers/maintainers on. I believe insufficient video card memory or RAM could play a role in this, but then again it may be best to direct that question at the server developers. They'll know.
  20. Please use the Portuguese board if you wish to receive help in that language. Scripting section is for English posts only. We'll have your thread moved there, but for future reference please see: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/127-programação-em-Lua/ Thanks
  21. Try starting a new map file and see if it removes the object. If it does, it's possible an object that you accidentally placed. In the upper tab (use F for cursor) there's an Elements icon. Click that for a list of created objects, then delete accordingly. It's possible that you're having a resource running with a custom map or model added at that location. Try stopping all of the server's resources and see if it has any effect. If none of these are the case I may not be to much help. I'll test it out on my local server, but it's very likely that it's an issue on your end and not an object which has made it into MTA without developers noticing. I was not able to find anything regarding this issue on my local.
  22. Tut

    Remove Night glow

    Are you refering to the over-exposed areas on the road/foreground? I have a guide on vertex colors which the renderware engine use for lighting of environment models. A less tedious way might be using a sort of shader that reduces the overall vertex color/illumination values by adding a black shade through the vertex color/illumination channels of x objects. Much like you do with a sunshade or sunglasses. I'm aware this is possible with shaders but this unfortunately is not my field. If you'd like your thread moved to Modelling section (assuming you go with editing the vertex colors and require additional help/tips), please report your own post at the upper right corner of the thread and specify it be moved here: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/177-modelling/
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    Login Message

    Hey, welcome to the forums @DANFOR I just want to send a quick headsup, that is, your threads should be posted a step up (the primary scripting section, not tutorials). Please familarise yourself with the forum rules and posting guidelines for our separate forum sections. https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/12275-forum-rules/ https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/71-scripting/ https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/74-support/ Have a good time using the forums, thanks
  24. Moving to Scripting section. Please read the guidelines for posting questions in there, thanks:
  25. Please head to the Russian board if you do not wish to write in English (google translator will do, but make sure to add more details and be clear in explaining the problem). Пожалуйста, отправляйтесь на русскую доску, если вы не хотите писать по-английски (переводчик Google сделает, но не забудьте добавить больше деталей и четко объяснить причину проблемы). For reference: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/100-russian-русский/