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  1. you may want to check out the MTA discord and see if anyone knows, at: https://mtasa.com/discord #support channel
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    For modeling

    I have a guide on adding particles, in your case smoke particles to models. Check it here: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/119253-model-integrated-lights-and-particles/ I would also encourage you to use the dedicated modeling section, even if you're unable to communicate in english and having to use a translator: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/177-modelling/ @KasaNoVa
  3. happy birthday mr Blue

  4. Hi, currently it's not possible to add models independant of ID system, you'll have to replace another model using engineReplaceModel. I'm sure you can find a couple of models from casino category to replace without any harm done. Btw, if you absolutely do need all colors of the casino items, you could apply shaders to one of them and replace the rest. https://dev.prineside.com/en/gtasa_samp_model_id/category/casino-items?page=1 From what I've seen, you can replace a model and set it to only load whilst in a specific dimension, meaning you can replace Sultan in dimension 2 but have default model in dimension 0. I'm not into scripting so can't help on that part. I'm guessing this would work fine considering your model is an interior?
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    unlock new dff

    You've already received replies to your previous thread, I suggest you stick to that one and refrain from duplicating your threads. see:
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    MTA Program?

    You might want to change your thread title to correspond to the topic being discussed @Revan Novruzlu click that button on OP. doing so, you'll increase your chances of receiving a helpful response a lot faster.
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    Problem ENB

    Considering it's only vehicle surface being removed I'm sure it's only a couple of features you'll have to disable. I'd suggest you go through every checkboxes and tick on/off, basically trial and error until you figure what's the culprit. For me though, it has to do with reflections due to our server utilising a reflection shader that interferes with ENB.
  8. Tut

    Problem ENB

    Try disabling vehicle reflections, it's possible the ENB setting is interfering with a server shader.
  9. For testing you'll need the demo resource from the page that I linked above, in there you must change the contents of the demo resource to your own, which I think is the IFP archive name, all of its child animations and etc. on the Lua and xml files. If you can't figure that out please pass over the IFP and I'll check it
  10. Tut

    Screen resolution problem

    Support is voluntarily ran by community and its staff, and response may differ in time taken depending on the standing issue or priorities. With that said users aren't provided 2 or 24 hour support. nonetheless welcome to and I hope you get it sorted out.
  11. I might've misinterpreted your post; if all you need is a script, check the following page which contains a sample resource which you may use and learn from https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineLoadIFP @mucuk6547
  12. you're better off asking in the Modeling section to get the right help; https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/106176-read-before-posting-purpose-and-usage-of-this-section/ depending on the type of animation rig you're dealing with you may have to do some conversion first, that is, before you can load it into the game. I suggest you elaborate more on what you're dealing with.
  13. The text at the top is helping info on how to zoom and change opacity of the map.
  14. Looking for staff section is the right place for this, make sure to read the posting rules first 😉
  15. For model related question, see: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/869 https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/pull/1093
  16. Happy birthday!! :computer:  :-D

  17. I usually browse community resources site to find simple scripts as I don't do any coding myself. If you don't find anything, I'd refer you to scripting section https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/71-scripting/ or the #scripting channel on MTA discord https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/95008-multi-theft-autos-official-discord-server/ to get help
  18. Yeah I'd probably push verts down to balance the relief of the model for the house to properly sit on, but that'd be done on a case-case scenario all depending on the shape of the house's bottom. You can also push down faces or edges. At last, you'll have to adjust the collision for the modified terrain to collide properly. I've made a thread on collisions at: If you go with importing the Rockstar default collision of the terrain (recommended) you'll have to match the vertices of the collision mesh to the game mesh. I would use 'Snap to Vertex' to move the collision verts into the game mesh verts positions. As an alternative you could duplicate the game mesh and name it 'col_terrainName', then do the collision materials for the sand, dirt, grass and what not. Use 'Select by Material' to quickly select all faces that represent sand or grass and then apply the respective collision material. For replacing files you could use an MTA script, or do as you said, replace in gta3.img. If you do gta3.img, you'll have to replace the collision inside the collision archive (which likely contains 20+ other collisions). I use Steve-M's COL Editor for that. If you go with MTA script, all you'll need is a single collision file and a single model file (optionally TXD file if using custom textures).
  19. A flat terrain eh, not a great lead. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Flattening terrain that originally had lots of relief would require you to push the verts down, on (IIRC) editable poly with 3ds Max, you can push/pull verts but that may not be what you're looking for. Perhaps you're looking for heightmapping? Please elaborate more on what you're trying to achieve, @Fduuuu
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    [HELP] Car Rotation

    Why bother, he's asking for help. Nothing to shame him for.
  21. Models with high poly counts produce the best quality prelighting, although high poly is far from necessary. Models with low poly do looks stunning, but adding a bit more geometry at the light-affected areas by subdividing the mesh can give decent results even at low poly counts. Doing this, you might spare your customers from having to utilise lighting shaders. I wish you luck with the business, please don't consider the messages hateful, it's meant as constructive feedback!
  22. Yeah prelighting/vertex lighting or however you call it
  23. This looks very interesting - nice job! May I suggest adding vertex lighting to your models? It'll do wonders I'm sure. Have a look at how much it helped bringing mood into a CS map I was tweaking
  24. Tut


    Introduction A collision model is used by the game to understand the impact between two entities to then calculate physics. These models are physical based, opposed to game models which are visual based. A collision model can generate particles when interacted with by being assigned surface materials. This guide is 3D modeling based and does not cover any procedures that require scripting. TOC Importing collision models from the base game Patching and correcting default game collisions Primitives and why they're beneficial General limitations Surface materials Volumetric shadows Vehicle collisions Importing collision models from the base game Collision files from the base game are stored in large collision archives. These archives have the ability to stores numerous collision files, although custom archives aren't compatible with MTA. In order to find these files, it is recommended to have extracted all game models. Reading the section Extracting game assets on this thread is necessary as a first step. Collision files are named according to their area in the map, where lae_1 is Los Santos East part 1. Clicking any object on Prineside shows its IDE name (item definition) which is the same name used for the collision file. For instance, ID 16003 drvin_ticket belongs in countn2.ide - this means that its collision is stored in countn2_1-20.col (has 20 files from that area). Finding which one contains collision drvin_ticket is like finding the needle in a haystack. Using Steve M's Collision Editor may speed up the process of finding the file containing the collision model. It is also possible to use MEd for getting the collision archive's name, although it's a fairly resources demanding program. Using collisions from the base game and then modifying can be beneficial as they're often very optimised, and uses a lot more materials for both material brightness and various different surface properties. Such results may take a lot longer than one wishes to spend on a collision. Most collision models comes with primitives which are great to use and is explained in next part. Patching and correcting default game collisions Mappers might often enough come across of furniture objects which pivots around empty air rather than the corner or center of mass. Rockstar did this a lot, especially for beds. As if this wasn't the only issue, Rockstar actually added several broken collisions to the game leading to blue hell (void). These can be patched by 3D modelers. To get started with patching a broken collision model, find and load in vegasw_4.col to 3ds Max by following the above part of the guide. Scroll through and locate downvgnbild1 and import said collision. The problem with downvgnbild1's collision is that the store windows can be climbed over, as the ceiling and walls are nor solid. Every Default's are primitives - that is spheres or boxes. They can be adjusted in height, width, length and radius as well as segments. In this case, from bottom, number 4 and number 5 Default are models that represents the store windows - which are the ones causing the glitch. What exactly causes the glitch? The collision primitives representing the store windows are not tall enough to cover the walls, which essentially means anything can sneak through the gaps. From bottom to top, the 4th Default needs be raised in Z from a value of 3,8659m to 7,2524m. Exact same procedure needs be done for 5th Default. Now the collision is solid in every way, preventing characters from climbing in behind the store windows. To export this collision, follow below steps. Open COL IO. Where it says Export Setting ensure COL3 is highlighted. This is required for GTA SA collisions. The collision contains a collision mesh named CM_downvgnbild1. This must be registered as mesh by clicking the button Collision Mesh and then clicking the CM_downvgnbild1. Same procedure for Shadow Mesh if it has any (this doesn't). The Collision Mesh button should now read as CM_downvgnbild1. In the scene, select everything that's part of the collision. On COL IO there's a text field above the button Export. Here the collision model's name can be defined. Just name it downvgnbild1. Hit Export and find a place to save it. The file can be named anything the user likes. Primitives and why they're beneficial Most 3D applications has a library of basic 3D models; primitives. They are common shapes which on creation can have their quality modified and then remodeled afterwards. For GTA San Andreas, collisions support Box and Sphere as collision primitives. Primitives costs a lot less in terms of file sizes, as example, the below sphere's collision model would be 10.4 kb with collision mesh sphere, and 140 bytes with collision primitive sphere - both collision results are equal. Tall buildings with lots of details e.g support beams tend to use collision primitives as otherwise the collision would sky rocket in file size and polyrates. Some warehouses even use primitives for their gates, exterior fences and walls, while the more complex base models requires a collision mesh. Primitives are named 'Default', though, on export they can be named anything. General limitations Collision models has certain limits which may explain crashes and strange behavior of models. Collision models can be a maximum of 512 height, 512 width and 512 length. In short, a 512 radius sphere or cube would reach the dimensions limit. Polygon rates of collision meshes (not to be confused with primitives!) should reach no more than 3000. In cases of such high rates, the modeler should either split into multiple files or optimise the mesh further. Collision archives are not supported. No special flags supported. In later GTA's, collisions can be assigned flags such as ladder or staircase flags, which allows high quality stair collisions. In SA however, stairs must be planar ramps. Surface materials GTA SA engine uses materials for collisions. These materials define what type of surface that the model represents. Kam's COL MTL has 179 ID's. Ranging from tarmac, destroyed tarmac, dry mud, wet mud to sea floor and grass. These surface properties generate sound fx and particle fx when walked, driven or shot upon. Collision material also has brightness setting, where 0 is dark and 150+ is bright. Entities affected by this setting are peds and vehicles. Volumetric shadows World objects and vehicles are able to cast shadows - dynamic ones. These are meshes stored inside the collision file. Generally the shadow mesh should be slightly smaller than the game mesh, as otherwise it'll glitch on the corners of the model. The setting to display shadows are found in MTA video settings. Vehicle collisions Where world objects uses separate .col files, vehicles require their collisions to be embedded or baked in the DFF. These collision models consists of mostly spheres but may also be found to contain boxes and of course their collision mesh (prefixed CM_vehicleName). The collisions use spheres due to the engine's ease of calculating physics with those primitives. They are named that of the material Brightness/Part section, e.g Boot or Rear bumper. Ones that are not used by vehicle components are named Default. In below screenshot, the white lines represents the collision mesh of a Tornado. Usually the collision meshes will suffice with 12 faces total for the hood, windshields, roof, boot and bottom.
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    Walk while hands up

    Yes. Using custom IFP one can have their character do anything they can imagine from peeling a banana to pulling off slick dance moves. Check these topics to get started with the right programs and tools or visit our modeling section on MTA discord where we're always there to help @Nickqq