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  1. Closed as duplicate, please use your original thread: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/130367-account-wait/
  2. Tut


    Your 5 threads has been merged together. No more spamming!
  3. I'm not sure the exact limit of polygons a DFF can have, but collision is limited at 32k vertices. The andromada door can only move if the vehicle has a special flag in GTA code and a special component in its DFF. The door collision pivots/rotates from the first two vertices that has the special collision surface material applied in the collision mesh. If you import the model, you can inspect how the materials and meshes are set up. I speculate the plane is scripted to freeze once the player exits, so that vehicles and peds colliding with it does not cause the plane to move from it
  4. Your thread has been moved into a better section, and duplicate removed. Please only one instance of a thread!
  5. Is this a MTA or Discord ban? If MTA, please add your serial here. Open F8 (console) type serial
  6. Hi, We cannot discuss other users bans here - kindly refer them to ban appeal section that xLive mentioned above. For your peace of mind, I've checked and the ban was applied correctly.
  7. Hi breant55, See section Working with lights using Kam's 2018 script on this guide, it covers the basics for exporting lights - there should be a preset for traffic lights: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/119253-model-integrated-lights-and-particles/
  8. Your thread has been moved to the Portuguese scripting section.
  9. Tools TXD Workshop or any IMG editor Steve M's collision editor Any text editor i.e notepad Extracting files After installing SAMP, open SAMP.IMG with any IMG editor, i.e TXD Workshop. Select everything and extract to a new folder on your computer. This should contain DFF, COL, TXD and map files IPL and IDE. DFF A DFF can be extracted right out of the IMG and readily used TXD Not all SAMP models use custom textures - a lot of them use textures from the base game, so check their model name in SAMP.ide or dev.prineside in order to locate the .txd
  10. This can happen if your TXD/DFF loading order is incorrect. It can also happen if your TXD is missing textures or the textures are named incorrectly. I have moved your thread into the Portuguese scripting section!
  11. Locking thread as there were made no attempts to improve on the above.
  12. Please use the correct section https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/195-discord-ban-appeals/
  13. Hello @Natan[019] I've deleted your duplicate thread, please stick to 1 instance per issue. As this question seems related to your MTA serial ID, please send it here. If you open Console (F8), type serial
  14. Post deleted and quoted in a hidden reply, if needed please send a forum PM. You will have to submit a ban appeal in the correct section. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/195-discord-ban-appeals/
  15. Please add more details including a preview of the model that you're selling.
  16. That would be fine. If you start profiting off the models, then that might get you in legal trouble. https://blenderartists.org/t/3d-vehicles-and-copyright/677902/
  17. Using mods is fine - you will not be in any legal problems. I'll leave this thread open, in case someone else wants to chime in.
  18. Hello. Your thread has been moved to the Client Support section, as the Private Bug tracker is for tipoff's, cheats and other forms of content we cannot discuss publicly.
  19. Your thread's been moved into a more appropriate section, as Scripting is for receiving help or guidance with MTA scripting.
  20. Welcome to the forums @VKS Your thread has been moved into the correct forum (Portuguese)
  21. Welcome to the forums @Antkowiec It is not possible to change serials - these stay permanently attached to the device they are installed on. If you have issues with a server, you should contact their administration and hear if they can let you start fresh.
  22. Thread's been moved into the Portuguese scripting section!
  23. Thread's been moved into a more appropriate section.
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