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  1. Models with high poly counts produce the best quality prelighting, although high poly is far from necessary. Models with low poly do looks stunning, but adding a bit more geometry at the light-affected areas by subdividing the mesh can give decent results even at low poly counts. Doing this, you might spare your customers from having to utilise lighting shaders. I wish you luck with the business, please don't consider the messages hateful, it's meant as constructive feedback!
  2. Yeah prelighting/vertex lighting or however you call it
  3. This looks very interesting - nice job! May I suggest adding vertex lighting to your models? It'll do wonders I'm sure. Have a look at how much it helped bringing mood into a CS map I was tweaking
  4. Tut

    Walk while hands up

    Yes. Using custom IFP one can have their character do anything they can imagine from peeling a banana to pulling off slick dance moves. Check these topics to get started with the right programs and tools or visit our modeling section on MTA discord where we're always there to help @Nickqq
  5. I have linked a thread to get started with modeling in one of my previous posts. You'll need to load in collisions from base game and center the pivot to collision model in order to see its offsets on the coordinates display. I'll be looking into writing a guide on how exactly to work with collisions and also how to do your process. @HarryDE
  6. I can compile a list of offsets if you note the obj names. (that is, if it isn't the entirety of interior objs)
  7. The most likely cause is the collision of the bed is exported at around -2 offset. This is typically the case for models found in GTA_INT img archive, I don't know why that is. I don't know if you're scripting-wise able to center pivot/axis of the collision to the game mesh or if your only option is to remodel the collision. For the latter solution I'm not sure if it's possible to use engineReplaceModel for other archives than gta3. I think not, at least not player.img. @HarryDE
  8. From what you described I'm certain it's rigging and not import/export related. For characters you need to do the so called 'rigging' in order to specify which vertices are affected by which bone(s). I believe the retail version of 2016, and can confirm that any version of 3ds 2017+ features voxel solving. Although this doesn't give an amazing result it can get you started. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kimn7CIZ5bI If you're not able to get hold of the afforementioned versions of 3ds max you may find numerous articles and guides teaching basics of rigging. I want to mention that those who title their guide as skin rigging and merely show the custom skin aligned to default game skin and then attaching to it, is not skin rigging and is only to retain bones for custom skin and the weighing values which are usually incorrect because of vertex data being different from default to custom model. If you require any more help please plot down a lot more details and eventually some screenshots so that we can better understand the state of your model.
  9. I'm going to continue from this thread and not your duplicate. Right so I have no idea about your experience with skinning so it's rather hard for me to come with an answer. What's wrong with your skin to be exact? It's frozen mid air or glitching? please provide more details. also can you answer my initial question as it plays a role in troubleshooting.
  10. Are you using the updated version of Kam's scripts, the RW scripts by The Hero or a third one? Some scripts are either unable to or has certain export settings required for keeping bones and skinned models on export. Oh and I personally use vanilla Kam's due to its reliability with skinned models. @KasaNoVa
  11. Since MTA can't natively work eith custom ide/ipl required for model animations (see burgershot for reference) you could use moveObject instead, https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/MoveObject
  12. Tut

    Help please

    @KasaNoVa Kareem explained it well, but a more technical explanation would be that collision models are limited at 255, 255, 255 for x, y, z if I'm not mistaken. That's where splitting your model is an ideal solution and you can find maxscript tools to do that for you. It's also worth noting that the collision model must be exported at 0,0,0 using same pivot as the game model. Please check #15 on this thread
  13. Tut

    Pls Help Me

    I suggest you use the search function with ``D3DX9_42.dll`` as keyword. There are several threads surrounding the same issue. Also it'd be a good idea to name your title according to the topic question for the right people to check your thread. Note: this section may be more appropriate for your case https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/83-client/
  14. Tut

    Help please

    Please check this out @KasaNoVa
  15. I think you could apply a simple zero opacity shader onto the clothes that your character isn't supposed to wear, this allows you to scroll between clothes and hide the rest with the shader. But this may be very resources demanding if the model contains a lot of polygons for the entirety of it. I would definitely try this one to start off with.