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  1. Tut


    Please post the link here.
  2. Tut


    Ok. The reason it creates invisible walls is not the exporter, but an issue with transforms or pivots. - Export collision at 0,0,0 XYZ - Reset transforms and Scale - Dimensions must be less than 256 +/-1 on each axis If your model follows these rules please upload your .dff and .col to https://upload.mtasa.com/
  3. Tut


    Ok. Install Goldfish's scripts and under Utilities/Tools choose 'export_steve_col_script.ms' with model selected. Import the result into Steve m's collision editor and save to new .col. https://gtaforums.com/topic/907323-rel-kams-gta-scripts-2018/
  4. Tut


    Hi, Import the collision to Steve M's collision editor, click optimize and save as new .col. http://www.steve-m.com/downloads/tools/colleditor2/
  5. In our conversation you were explicitly told it's illegal to discuss or offer assistance with cracked software. Due to ignoring warnings you were banned, and that ban stays. Sorry I cannot bring you any better news.
  6. I've had a look, doesn't seem possible with Blender.
  7. No, these are maxscripts. Check with Blender script if it mentions 2dfx or light.
  8. Duplicate thread closed. Please create only one instance per question. Your thread has been moved into a better section. If you use Goldfish's scripts, you can apply 2dfx to an omni light or dummy. The light must be child of the object. https://gtaforums.com/topic/907323-rel-kams-gta-scripts-2018-upd-31052020/ I also have a guide for this. https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/119253-model-integrated-lights-and-particles/
  9. Welcome to the forums @Baron Noev. Sorry, we can not help you with leaked resources anywhere.
  10. Thread's been moved into the Portuguese Server Advertisement section. It's a good idea to have a look at your thread in light mode. Take note of the dark mode artifacts.
  11. Welcome to the forums @Mtadayz Your thread has been moved into the Servers To Play On section, as that's the correct place for advertising servers.
  12. Tut

    ERROR CL33

    Welcome to the forums @lucasoliveira21 Your thread has been moved into the Client Support section for best results. The Google Translate page issue has been fixed in your post.
  13. Tut

    Selling rpg scripts

    Show the product, payment method, proof of creatorship etc. See the info Tekken linked above.
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