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  1. I haven't messed that much with collision brightness to experience the same problem, but this post indicates you may have to change the vertex color/illumination values of the collision mesh. I can't see why it would work though considering it does not seem to be listed anywhere on the collision page on gtamods. Does it render your ped the same way in single player? Should you resolve the issue, please post what you did to correct the issue. ­čĹŹ
  2. Please see the Turkish board for posting in your language. This is an English speaking forum section. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/95-turkish-t├╝rk├že/ @harun2323
  3. You can find a large variety of maps on the Resources board and site: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/87-resources/ https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources There are a lot of (mostly race) maps from Gtainside that you can also choose to pick from. Be aware that these maps include .DFF models as it's a modding site. https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps-all/
  4. Tut

    Car adding

    You cannot add new vehicles without replacing existing ID's, no (correct me if I'm wrong, please). I do however seem to recall someone having been working on a systhem that would sort of replicate limit adjuster (DIY), but I don't have any page or discussion that I can pull up for you to follow up on. To summarize it, no.
  5. I seem to understand that you're talking about an issue you're encountering in a game server. In which case you'll have to contact their staff for help. As a side note, please keep posts on MTA forums in English language. We have a Turkish board which you can opt to use though, should you wish to write posts in that language. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/95-turkish-t├╝rk├že/
  6. Your question could do with more details. Check this post, might help: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/121953-how-to-delet-world-objects-treesweaponsetc/?do=findComment&comment=971201
  7. Please post in either: - your own language's forum section (support area) https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/94-other-languages/ - our support section in an English written message https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/82-support-for-mtasa-1x/
  8. Click E and you'll get a more precise selection of objects. If this doesn't help, try removing the mapped object straigth out of the map file found in \resources\map-name. If you still have no luck, you may have to create your own code to remove the object. To do so: Find the object on Prineside that you want to remove, in my case, queens_04_SFS. You can use the Model search by map position feature to pinpoint the desired object's location. https://dev.prineside.com/en/gtasa_samp_model_id/model/10629-queens_04_SFS/ Then, on the object page click "Fullscreen / position export" and it'll give you the X position, Y position and Z position. You'll simply fill those into a removeWorldObject line (as below). It's possible you'll have to adjust the radius. I believe it defines the deletion radius, so if you have 10 other trees within 50 meters that you want to keep, you'll want to add a very small value if you only intend on deleting one of the trees. Or a value of 50 if you intend on deleting every tree. (that one was a mere speculation, no confirmation whether that's how it works or not) <removeWorldObject id="removeWorldObject (queens_04_SFS) (1)" radius="34.332691" interior="0" model="10629" lodModel="10673" posX="-2574.3516" posY="319.96094" posZ="12.07813" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"></removeWorldObject> Oh and if that doesn't work either, it's quite possible that it's an object that's spawned through the "grass effect" setting on MTA video setting. They spawn on natural surfaces like grass, dirt, sand etcetera, all depending on the surface material.
  9. All 5 regardless of which you have access to, are scheduled to be removed from our ban list on January 20. For future reference please warn us of any concurrent bans you might have on different accounts, so to not have us ban your active account for evading. Please note that after I banned your 4th account (after I saw you had 3 current bans in the discord server), you should not have connected using your 5th as that's considered evading your ban. Stick to one account from now on, same goes for forums, unless you need multiple. Read more on the Rules page -> B. User Accounts Rules #5.
  10. Tut

    server tradition me

    You may want to check this page out: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/188-server-list-help/ As a side note, please stick to one thread, there's no need to create duplicates.
  11. Tut


    The first one seems quite reasonable. I'm not sure of the second but then again I might not be the best to consult on this matter.
  12. Tut


    I didn't completely understand your question. Are you referring to his video about character customization? I strongly believe it's done through vertex geometry deformation shader. (look it up) It looks like the model might've been CJ, but it's possible that it was a regular ped made up of an entire mesh. I'm a modeler and am not into any of the programming languages, so my help in this section may be very limited.
  13. On topic I have very small knowledge on cheat regulations but i'd assume it's a bold no, and my common sense would urge me to avoid discussing the matter at all. Edit: answer is no, and should not be discussed. MTA offers a huge amount of scripting functions which can get you covered for whatever you need. There are code examples on most of the function pages as well to get yourself started. We also have a scripting section on forums and our discord server full of guru's to help out. I hope I was able to drag you away from your initial plan.
  14. Open world interiors is possible. The way you go about doing it is up to you. There are ways that you can retain or destroy performance. GTA 5 uses MILO for interiors. I barely have any knowledge on them, but I've done some reading and found that it might be done by projecting an image, from a camera placed at the window. When the player opens the door, they'll be teleported to another dimension while a chunk of the GTA 5 environment remains loaded. Most of these are speculations. I cannot tell how exactly it works. If your interior has props (so not just 1 whole model) I would suggest you only have them load within a small radius else you'll have a large excess of elements streamed in, which can cause issues with performance. There are some GTA SA interiors - mostly for cutscenes, which have a chunk of the map to be seen from its windows. You can do this yourself to imitate the GTA 5 interior system. I was working on an open world interior but never finished. https://streamable.com/9bk4v
  15. I'm not aware of any particularly good hosts myself, but have you had a look at the Hosting solutions forum?