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  1. Hello. I've moved your thread into the Portuguese scripting section, so that you can hopefully receive the advice you need
  2. Hello. Your 4 other posts has been removed as duplicates. Please create only 1 instance of a post and use the Edit tool where necessary.
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    Port 22126 issues

    Locking this as resolved
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    Thread's moved into the Server Support section for best results
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    Duplicate thread closed. Please use your existing thread: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/131302-bug-mta/
  6. Thread's been moved into the Spanish scripting section
  7. Thread's been moved into the Spanish forums
  8. Hello. It's not possible to appeal server-specific bans with MTA, for this you will have to contact the server administration.
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    Stor diller

  10. Thread's been moved into a better location for you
  11. Thread's been moved into a better location for you
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  14. For cloning the wheels, you can hold SHIFT and drag the object. This will prompt you to select how many copies you want to create. For hotkeys, keep an eye out for the upper menu's on the screen. The icons that flashes will be the ones you need to configure for align and rotation snap.
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