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  1. Não é possível substituir os modelos de roupas CJ usando https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineReplaceModel. Seus tipos de modelo suportados estão listados na parte superior da página de funções. Você pode substituir as texturas das roupas por shaders, e acredito que também pode substituir os arquivos .txd por https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineImportTXD. O MTA pode carregar modelos de roupas personalizados se for substituído no player.img, mas não usando nenhuma das funções do mecanismo. Eu espero que isso ajude It's not possible to replace CJ clothing models using https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineReplaceModel. Its supported model types is listed at the top of the function page. You can replace clothing textures with shaders, and I believe you can also replace .txd files with https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineImportTXD. MTA can load custom clothing models if replaced in player.img, but not by using any of the engine functions. I hope this helps
  2. Hi @valietre, we do not allow support for leaked gamemodes and properties in our forums.
  3. Yeah that's what I use. Thanks for the correction
  4. I would assume you would exchange the ( dff, 4150) with ( col, 4150)? It's the only logical thing I can see even though I'm not a programmer. col = engineLoadCOL( "MRoadTwist15DegR.col", 4150) engineReplaceCOL ( dff, 4150) I would also recommend you follow the loading structure that I described above, which would be COL -> TXD -> DFF. Your structure is TXD -> DFF -> COL, so that might be an issue, but then again I'm not a programmer so I'd rather not represent myself as a good source of knowledge on that part.
  5. In what sense? I don't understand the problem.
  6. Ok, I can confirm it's an issue on your end. It might be a scripting issue, in which case you won't find much advise from me. I can however recommend you load in the following order; COL; TXD; DFF. If it's loaded in another order, I believe it won't load correctly. You can read more about that on the function page and its notes: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineReplaceModel
  7. A lot of SAMP objects are made to load their textures from .txd files inside of gta3.img of your GTA SA installation, therefore you'll have to extract that from your game files and not from SAMP files. The .txd files stored in samp.img are usually only for models that makes use of custom textures, or for textures cut down to lower dimensions than their originals, like a SWAT helmet, its GTA texture is 256x512, so SAMP would ideally make a custom .txd that's 32x32 because the helmet is that small on the image. Can you please describe what you tried, optionally in steps, so that we can verify that you were doing it correctly?
  8. Can you try following the 2 steps described at the bottom? Simply disabling faceit isn't a guranteed fix
  9. I mean, it would be an idea to send the diagnostic result that the OP was prompted to send. Either way, MTA commented on an issue related to missing anticheat components recently, so it might be worth trying those steps also:
  10. Tut


    It sounds like you would want to set the physics of an object. If so, see this function: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetObjectProperty
  11. Exe replacements (downgraders) like what MTA SA prompts you to install in order to play - they are fine to be linked. Helping with, giving any form for support and linking entire copies of games with all of its scripts, models and utilities to run the game, is not okay. This includes PMing or sending them through anywhere else on the forums. This of course only applies to games that aren't open source and free to be redistributed.
  12. Hello @CJ007, it's cool to see people diving into the older versions of MTA. I'm sure there are oldies and new players who would be interested. I have removed your link to Vice City installation because we do not allow support for piracy in this forum. Thanks
  13. I think you could try using 3ds Max and import the DFF there. Removing geometry is very easy. In many cases you just have to delete a selection of polygons. In other cases the doors share same polygon as the wall. In which case you would want to use cut modifiers such as booleans, but be careful with boolean operations as they can damage the topology quite easily, especially with geometry that is uneven, or has triangles instead of quads. You'll only need basic knowledge of the program to perform the above actions, so try yourself out with it and see how it goes. I'm moving this to Portuguese language board @oFirezy
  14. I would appreciate that any further concerns are brought up with forum staff, so that they can investigate and give a clear response on the issue. From what I can see there isn't any reason for us to comment here, but if anyone has reasonable suspicion (in general, not for this thread specifically) please use the forum flag tool to bring staff attention. Appreciated!
  15. I'm not sure how strong the capabilities in MTA are when it comes to weapon and object component customization, so to hide/show components of a model. What I'd do is do a tuning system for weapons just like cars, where I'd hide/show components depending on which weapon I wanted the player to equip. Something else you could do, which I know works, is applying a zero opacity shader onto a weapon texture, causing it to disappear. You can make use of this shader by having a weapon model with multiple weapon meshes inside - as one mesh combined, but multiple different textures. One last method I'd use is setting weapon invisible and attaching a world object to it. The world object can be set to only be replaced if placed within a colshape, but that would require you to animate the colshape with the player hands. I'm not sure how beneficial that would be. Another way of using world objects is simply permanently replacing unused objects like the 50 casino chips which are duplicates. What this does different is that you are permanently replacing an object, whereas using colshapes you're only replacing an object inside of a colshape.