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  1. You would miss out on the physics and handling settings, potentially making the performance a whole lot different than the way it should be. Yes, it's possible to do it, as long as the model format uses same hierarchy and naming as cars do. Use EngineReplaceModel to replace the car with your bike. For the animation you can use EngineLoadIFP. Why are you looking to do this?
  2. Hi @Anas, There's no need to create duplicates of existng threads, for which reason the other one is removed. Please click the 3 dots on the upper right of your post if you want to edit the contents. Your thread is not forgotten, don't worry.
  3. Hi, It's best that you create a new thread and leave inactive threads be. That way we can ensure threads stay on topic and aren't continously derailed.
  4. Tut

    Help me !! BUG

    Can you please show a screenshot of your connection error?
  5. Hi Marwanwahid, As you already have an existing (Click me) thread for this issue I'll go ahead and lock this one. Please click the 3 dots on the upper right of your post to edit it, in case you've forgotten to add information to your initial post.
  6. Hi Sack23, Please check that the image name in the .txd file corresponds to the original file name. You can find the image names at the Wiki skins page. Are you importing the .txd using MTA functions or by replacing it in your gta3.img? Hola Sack23, Compruebe que el nombre de la imagen en el archivo .txd corresponde al nombre del archivo original. Puede encontrar los nombres de las imágenes en la página de máscaras de Wiki. ¿Está importando el .txd usando funciones MTA o reemplazándolo en su gta3.img?
  7. Tut

    Ban appeal

    To the above posters. You cannot vouch for another player to be unbanned here, or try to argue that a player is given an unfair ban by not banning the rest. This section is clealy to appeal your own ban and not someone else's.
  8. Tut

    Help me !! BUG

    The serial is not banned by MTA. Please post a screenshot of what the error says. It could be a connection issue on your end, as you state that it happens on all servers.
  9. Thread moved to the correct section Some more details would help explain the server you're creating.
  10. Tut


    Please create a new thread in the same forum, show the errors you're getting and steps you've already tried.
  11. Tut

    anyone help me?

    @uqhala offtopic post hidden, also please keep your posts in English when using the international forums. You can find our Turkish forum here: https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/95-turkish-türkçe/
  12. Thread moved to a better forum. For any further posting in Arabic language, please use this forum. If you want to receive help in the the Scripting section, please keep posts readable to the English community.
  13. Hi @HarmonyXDXD, The blurry appearence is due to the sign object not having the same aspect ratio of 256x64 image. It's stretched beyond that. To fix this you'll want to scale the graphics on the horizontal axis inwards, say 80% scale. If you're using Photoshop you can use ALT SHIFT and drag the left/right side of the bounding box. This will allow you to scale the graphics towards center while maintaining the height. 256x64 in itself is not a whole lot, so if you're not getting good results after doing the above, you may want to up it to 512x128. Be mindful of resolutions though, you
  14. Thread moved to Spanish language forum. For any further posting in said language, please use this forum.
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