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  1. Hey! Thanks for your answer! I can play on the majority of the servers but not my favorite ones. Im sure its not a virus thats blocking my AC components.
  2. Hi! I want to play MTA:SA on linux, but everytime i want to join a server, im getting kicked, with the reason: (SD #16 021A) Ensure no other program is modifying MTA:SA Also what about the servers that doesnt allow Wine? Because as far as i know there are some.
  3. could you please give me an example?
  4. you mean, use the hash("sha512", ...) on the password more than 2 times?
  5. so i should use hash both the client side and server side?
  6. People told me to add salt to my passwords, but I don't really know what it does. Could you help me with that? So the simple hash("sha512", ...) will not be enough?
  7. Hi, right now i am storing passwords in my database, that i use hash("sha512", ...) for the passwords on client side, and then send it to server side, and update the database with it. I have no other protection on passwords. Many told me that it's not safe, what can i do?
  8. thank you guys! you really helped a lot! you are all awesome!!!!!!
  9. i already wrote my msql query resource, but what type should the column in the mysql table be?
  10. and how can i save this to mysql?
  11. the lua table is like this {{["item"] = 101, ["amount"] = 1}} would it work the same?
  12. how? could you please give me an example?
  13. is there a way i can save a lua table in mysql?
  14. i have to restart it sometimes, if i add a feature, or fix a bug
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