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  1. Dunno how admins are abusive. Contact me on Discord at Sacred#7706 and let me know why you think so.
  2. About Orange Gaming is a roleplay server which initially started in late 2018, yet, sadly shutdown in November of 2018. However, the server is relaunching. Our goals at Orange Gaming are simple: bring immersive roleplay; whilst still allowing players to have fun. We aim to bring realistic roleplay & allow players to roleplay what they want—ranging from a courier to a cartel leader. We are currently looking for staff & are extending our game servers to other games—not just MTA. Features $20,000 bonus start Vehicle system Inventory system Licensing system Business / home system Texture system Custom mapping Custom weapon damage system And more! Information Currently, we are looking to phase into our closed beta. If you are interested in joining the server—do not hesitate to join our Discord. All information can be found there.
  3. As I have been playing MTA, my screen has been repeatedly flickering whilst on the "Standard" mode of resolution. My resolution is 1024x768x32, and when I change my resolution mode to borderless, (both), the flickering stops. Though, when I tab out, my resolution stays. This is my only complaint, and I don't want to have to change my resolution every time I tab out.
  4. @Dimos7 That's what I'm working with right now. Where should I add it, and how does it know what car to add it to?
  5. Anyone know why I am getting this error when I attempt to /duty on my script? ERROR: duty\g_duty.lua:36: attempt to index local 'factionDuty' (a boolean value) Lines that the error is directing me to - 65: allowList = getElementData(resource, "dutyAllowTable") 66: for k,v in pairs(allowList) do 67: if tonumber(v[1]) == factionID then (roleplay server) Also, can someone please tell me how to add police lights to a unmarked vehicle? AKA, when you press H, police lights will start. By unmarked vehicle, I mean a civilian car. Like a Sultan. Example:
  6. Is it alright if I take the personal part out and put it on another pastebin link? Sent in PM.
  7. Don't wanna post the link due to it having some personal info.
  8. Anyone know how to fix it?