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  1. you know how i can put those servers on my favorites list in ASE so i dont have to type the ip in MTA all the time?
  2. For the past 2 weeks ive noticed i cant connect to any of the mta official servers, or that goonsgoonsgoons server. Im positive i havnt been banned from them, so I have no idea why this is happening. Can someone plz help?
  3. problem: I cant connect to any of the off. mta servers. im positive i wasnt banned from them, so I dont kno why this is happening. Note:this just started happening two weeks ago, for no reason at all.
  4. im lookign on the front page and I dont see the .3r2 patch for VC. did they just put it in the .3 version???
  5. how do i change my name title from newbie or whatever it is on this forum to Gang Leader, like the other ones?
  6. Im getting another bug wit .3, for some reason cars are spawning out of nowhere and people are actually using them lol. yesterday i wuz flying the hunter, got shot down, landed and ran away for a sec, then it respawned right there and someone got in it and flew away! i wuz like
  7. Reservoir Dogs Allies Derrty Dozen Vice City Street Racers Enemies COP VCP VCA DRuG (specifically [DRuG]Spongebob)
  8. actually i just copied the patch over the .3 and its working fine. thanx for the help tho
  9. its saying i have to uninstall mta .3 to get this patch, so do i have to uninstall both vice cityand mta, so i dont get a version error, and then download the patch?
  10. When i dl the vc.03 christmas video, and it opens in Winamp, alli get is sound, theres no video. whats going on???
  11. i shrank it. and thx kungfogrip, im glad that there are at least some people that arnt complete babies whose lives are dedicated to annoy others. and yes, you u wanna join go to gangsofgta.com and sign up there (remember to change your name b4 you join the site and the clan)
  12. first off, can u plz take off that avatar, that was a gift from kunfogrip to me. second, there was no mr. red in rd. and THIRDLY, it is my gang, sry but you cant be blonde!!!!
  13. how can i use it as my avatar dont i need it as a link?
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