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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RULTpJzShVE
  2. try disabling full screen optimizations
  3. They can't do it because they do not own the server. You should contact the server owner
  4. Why not adding MTA:SA into Steam to earn more players and money(I know that MTA staff arent keeping mta alive for money) and adding menus like CS:GO, LoL etc. for example: a DD player wants to play a 3v3 match with random players, presses find button and selects which maps he/she would like to play, or creates a lobby to play with his friends. For other gamemodes like FreeRoam, RolePlay; there is a server browser like current client. Making official tournaments for race, stealth... I can't even imagine it at all, MTA's some gamemodes has a potencial for e-Sports in my opinion, please care my t
  5. I know that i am not supposed to report a 24hours ban here but i got banned with an idiotic reason, I just redownloaded a new gta_sa cuz i got an error. After reinstalling i joined a server then banned, help me please I can't wait 24 hours to play mta https://prntscr.com/oe8vg9 0A00541640B48B81C00C97D80CB06CF3
  6. I don't have any lags if I play GTA:SA, I have +100 fps,but when I want to play MTA, I have a unbearable screen
  7. Its only happen for MTA, I tested with both cards but it always working same
  8. guys, I reinstalled my computer, then I installed MTA and GTA:SA, but I have a lagging screen ingame, I installed my drivers and I don't know how to fix this problem(my pc specs are enough for gta) P.S: I think this game starts with windowed-mode but I don't want and its not marked on the settings,(If I try to volume up, I see this on the chat: , how to fix it?
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