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  1. BrunoV20


    What happened is this. I just changed windows and what happens is that, I skipped the following error when opening mta "could not create direct3d font'unifont'" I would like to know what I can do to fix it I tried, starting the gta sa alone and it works
  2. BrunoV20


    what happens is that I change from windows to windows 10 the thing is that I get "could not create direct3d font'unifont''" and look in several places and I can not find a solution if someone could help me would be very helpful!
  3. BrunoV20


    I want the score to go up and down the effect of the score in the gta sa let's say
  4. BrunoV20


    as I do to make the movement of the markers as in gta sa ??
  5. BrunoV20

    Help Me!!

    I am saying how I do so that for every day that logee on the server gives them something
  6. BrunoV20

    Help Me!!

    I would like to know how I do that by itself such a day goes in gives something to the user!
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