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  1. OsO.cp


    Have done u said, andd it doesnt work xD
  2. OsO.cp


    does it requires 'Use customized gta sa files'. Cuz i added it, and it doesnt work
  3. OsO.cp


    I would like to ask you before being tell to all ppls to whitelist timecyc.dat. May it cause some other problems besides timecyc.dat. I mean can it cause smth else at data will be whitelisted as well?
  4. Anyway, thanks for responding
  5. We just want to have bright car, thats all. Because default looks malformed if be honest.And we want to use it, without turning 'Use Customized Files' on, because, yes as, u said we won't be able to join any serv. Anyway, idk why, but if somebody bumps a car or in fly, it reflects and works like it worked before normal: https://imgur.com/MUBvktq https://imgur.com/5RY8zlQ UPD: https://imgur.com/LYUisiR - My car bumped, reflects
  6. im not that involved in scripting
  7. Works, but still getting messages. pm/msg as well.
  8. maybe i did wrong meta or smth. could u send me or idk
  9. still writes the same: unexpected symbol near '
  10. yea, im so bad.. It doesn't work. shows unexpected symbol near '
  11. what will be the command for it?
  12. Hey guys. How can i make script like this. If i write command, i dont receive any message of choosen person. Even pm/msg commands not show up. Also able to unignore. And everything's for client of course.
  13. Our team's video. As you could see in the resource title there are imgs of 'North Team'. Look at the date - 9 months ago. I got no idea how else i could prove it.
  14. Pls block this resource, its stolen, it was private one we didn't share it: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15008 Also this guy used as he done it. RESPONSE: please show evidence of your claims, without that we won't be able to take action.