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  1. Image by Herrhelix This week's event is going to be a demolition derby at the SF Airport ran by one of our event organiser HerrHelix. Come join us on November 30th, 2019 21:00 GMT +1 for some fun. The rewards goes as follow, the 1st team that wins the most rounds, members of the winning team will receive 150 exp each. Forums
  2. 1.2.4 Bug Fixes Fixed central chat recoloring partnered unit's chat to dark blue Fixed /spawn command leaving the players in the vehicle which was potentially teleport abusable Added a potential fix for the /cc (cruise control) getting cancelled randomly Fixed towtruck anti spam system not working at all Fixed /freeze command not working if the target player is in a vehicle General Improvements Added /delrbs command which deletes all of the roadblocks you've placed Added new "small spikestrip" roadblock, rewrote the spikestrip
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