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  1. Vortex Handling

    Since the Normal setVehicleHandling and setModelHandling doesn't affect the Vortex in any kind, We need a way to change the Vortex Handling because of the Vortex got some nice abilities that can be used to create epic stuff, why I'm suggesting it is because of I want to create a Gamemode based on the game series WipeOut (Space-Jet Racing Game). The Vortex got the perfect swinging effect and also make turbines moveable via the "rudder" and "misc_b" object right inside of it. This is needed in a way you can do that for every Vortex that players are driving so for example my Vortex has a max speed of 240 while another Vortex of Player "X" has a max speed of 370: -setVortexMaxSpeed -setVortexAccelerationSpeed and some Functions for making the "rudder" and "misc_b" objects rotate more or less for the specific Jet, and also functions that change the steering so Traction functions. I also made a fantastic Jet for testing the stuff so if you (Developers of MTA) need it during tests with it you can contact me via skype: chris.ramm3 or Discord: DaXx#7898 or even here in the Forum. I hope you can make that stuff possible and if there is a way to do the stuff I need already I would also be happy about someone telling me how to do all the stuff I need.