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  1. lol, that was a 100% lie... we do not kick for other reasons than cheating/modding and severe laming i suppose.. but yeah i see what u were saying about doon now point... and its unfortunate that i had to see this side of him
  2. i saw this cat named [KFC]Wheelman.... that guy had to be fuckin cheatin man, he was too good... i have never seen skill of that level in my day... if u see him in game, i'd run the other way, unless u wanna be flawlessy killed by his (near)cheating talent... i mean, he may not be cheating, but players shouldnt be aloud to be THAT good... thats just not fair
  3. HOLY SHIT BIKES! i wonder if ur gonna be able to do tricks and shit, like grand theft auto meets mat hoffmans pro bmx... laugh.... and yes, as gamefreek said some bikes have left side drive, its just standard to have it on right... but yeah this game looks fuckin nice... i cant WAIT
  4. MrBump, if i remember correctly, it was because he displayed pictures of his small penis on the web, and his parents somehow found out
  5. laugh... plenty have tried, but failed miserable in doing so.... KFC has always been hated for it's "teaming" but it looks like we really had a reason for all that teaming these past months, we work really great as a team now, ask any of the gangs we had a gangwar with recently
  6. laugh. as i said before, no matter what that "picture" says on the front, the mansion belongs to KFC while we are in game, and no one had been able to prove us wrong yet that may sound like im gloating, but really im makin a solid point.... in the words of the great ric flair
  7. yeah, laugh. i thought they vs. and beat the REAL vck at first, and i was gonna pat them on the back, i didnt know it was some weiner cla nthat i never heard of, well anyhow good job, and hopefully soon u guys will cowboy up and vs. KFC
  8. is this thread still headed towards this goal? cuz i'm thinking this thread has been pretty legit, as the q/a made it not complete spam, but like noteworthy spam....so if this does indeed reach 500 will we finally recieve a blast section? The world may never know. i posted this in the SPAM thread, but it got burried under 10 pages of spam within like 2 hours, so i'll repost it here...
  9. in that case, so is this
  10. why would u bump an old topic to flame a cheater......tsk tsk tsk
  11. wow i haven't updated this forever, i will have to go through this soon and pick out the best quotes from the past 2 months
  12. thanks, i always like to put 110% into my posts
  13. well, u guys still sUK (no pun intended)
  14. is that DK as in the DK bike company?
  15. heh, KFC mansion u mean? lol...when KFC is in game its officially our mansion unless someone can happen to take it, which NO ONE ever has....
  16. KFC Ranking Wins: KFC vs. ULK: 2-0 KFC vs. FMJ: 2-0 KFC vs. FMJ (Rematch): 2-1 KFC vs. VCES (Rematch): 2-1 KFC vs. VCES (2nd Rematch): 1-0(forfeit after first round, counts as scrimmage) KFC vs. VCES (4th Rematch): 2-0 KFC vs. VCES (5th Rematch): 2-0 KFC vs. VCES (6th Rematch): 2-1 KFC vs. FKU: 2-0 KFC vs. =DA=: 2-0 KFC vs. VCA: (Teamscript) 78-72 KFC vs. TmM : 2-0 KFC vs. OC: 2-0 KFC vs. UVA: 2-1 KFC vs. FKU (Rematch): 2-0 KFC vs. FKU (2nd Rematch): 2-1 KFC vs. FKU (3rd Rematch): 2-0 KFC vs. FKU (4th Rematch): 2-0 KFC vs. NS
  17. damn....i got ripped off than...dont ever order a hitman via google or paypal.....
  18. maybe.....keep it in yer pants when it comes to the internet?
  19. [KFC] Finger Klickin' Good ~Leader Of KFC~ [KFC]KungFuGrip *Bosses Of KFC* [KFC]Wheelman aka BaTmAn [KFC]XCrispy aka SuperMan -Capos Of KFC- *] *KFC!Pending Capo *KFC@Snowmane *KFC$Point Blank *KFC%k00ner Members Of KFC $KFC$Killah $KFC$MR.X $KFC$RiDdLa $KFC$Pidge $KFC$Sy$t3m $KFC$OutLaw $KFC$Sc4rF4c3 $KFC$Dubzz $KFC$Ddawg $KFC$Jdog $KFC$Shad0w $KFC$Tech N9ne $KFC$Don $KFC$Gunny !KFC!Pi !KFC!El Burro !KFC!Wolf !KFC!Rodent !KFC!Tek !KFC!Stryth -] -] -] -] @KFC@TurboX @KFC@Jupiter @KFC@Tµ£|{¡Ð %KFC%Seglda %KFC%Mav %KFC%Nuke %KFC%Stryth %KFC%the
  20. lol, this kat posted his dick all over the net? hahaha thats great man, i never really knew/heard of ur clan, but i respect you for this alone my friend, good job
  21. yeah,.......... i dont wana grow up, i wanna be a Toys R' Us kid =P
  22. i didnt know REAL grownups went around kissing ass in order to get power...
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