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  1. lol, u dotn have to kick me from ulk servers, i already get kicked for owning... i was in the smoker server the other day and killed DvS a few times and got kicked for it... total lamer, i think she needs to get laid... (lol like thats ever happening )
  2. age does not matter at all, especially in a game like MTA.... im 16 and act plenty more mature than a lot of people coughgarycough and its not about maturity tho, this is a game, i come here to have fun so to speak... but when people try to fidn ways to "beat the system" it just ruins the fun.... now i of all people am not a complainer.... i have prolly done everything and live to tell abotu it, i know what shit looks like when i see it, etc. i usually NEVER complain about anything, the nade glithc dont bother me, heli kills dont bother me, spaz dont bother me, im pretty much cool with ever
  3. lol g1 TmM ... maybe this will break down their huge ego a bit...
  4. lol sergio never knows what the fuck is going on
  5. phantasy star online? i always wanted to try that, but never got a chance
  6. <3 you agreed with us zircon!!!! awww... but yeah i think we are on similar grounds when it comes to that, UT , quit posting in other threads talking shit unless ur gonna back it up
  7. nope, didnt work i know what has to be done, since i have admin on the KFC forum, and its a phpb forum, just like this one, ran by wojjie, u hafta go to member management or whatever in admin panel and allow me to use avatars
  8. the difference between us and you is when we talk shit, we back it up
  9. sorry to double post but no one has gotten back to me on this yet.... can anyone help me with my avatar problem???
  10. ut is nothing, come talk to us when u actually want a war, till than keep our tag out of your mouth
  11. thats pretty hot, great job opium
  12. =AA=\/\/heeL(V)an


    Div kicked me like 4 times for wupping his ass, shes lame and doesnt diserve admin, i got kicked like 4 times and all i did was kill... laugh.. and also jabo (crunch) was kicked like 6 times for killing also... Div is a lame admin
  13. that cuz i dotn think anyones "encountered" any vck in about 3 months lol jk or am i?
  14. KFC just won a match against VCES we are officially 2.5-2 with them (srim. counted as half ) KFC Members were- Wheelman KungFuGrip Nutz Rival Utopia Stealth Rodent gg +1 KFC
  15. yeah, pretty lame that they duck a lot of good clans, and only fight "weaker" clans so to speak, in order to keep their win/loss ratio high, thats lame, u guys lost my respect.
  16. hey, this isn't a complaint persay, but can someone fix my avatar problem? i've had it for about 2 months now, i cant use avatars in my profile for some reason, and my name looks so naked thanks a million
  17. lol brophy ur gonna get busted for that
  18. updated, after the 3 gangwars we had this weekend
  19. well now that KFC is back, maybe we can get these forums back in order Long Live the Kung
  20. =P its better than any movie u ever made
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