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  1. i think SOMEBODY missed a memo! Edit - lol i see u fixed ur post
  2. i'm not a "little nerd" and i even knew it wasnt 98 compatible.... noob!
  3. lol... i found it funy how they posted a screen shot where someone is saying "crash" way to promote the new release... j/k
  4. ....you decide... although it's pretty obvious to me which one is the "owner"
  5. KFC in no way infiltrated the ULK thread, that was given to us by someone, we would not sink so low as to infiltrate or JOIN a gang as a spy.... and it's funny, we have nothing to hide in our private forum, basically at the most you guys are advertising our whole crew system with that... this is how lame ULK is... they had {ULK}Element join kfc as /KFC\Firaga with the sole purpose of him gaining access to our private section of our forum, and selling us out.... how do i know it was firaga? look at the top of each of those html saves... it shows firaga as browsing the forum, thus proving that
  6. yes, just tried it u do get a crc check, go with version 1.0, i have used it for a few months now, its really neat, and does not require you to have a cracked client, cuz all the file sizes are EXACTLY the same size... the 2.0 version has more features, but all the file sizes are different, and u have to use a cracked client for mta go with v 1.0 u can't go wrong! u can find it on http://www.3dap.com/gta/rlm/ go to vice city, other mods, and the gps color radar v 1.0 have fun
  7. WHEN are there "official ladder tournament matches" anyways?
  8. ok unbaned now, just updated the ladder to include our ULK, VCES, FMJ, and FKU wins... gg all +4 KFC
  9. hahaha deathb is jumping on our merge idea.... another idea he's gonna steal WHAT a weiner....
  10. i can't wait for 0.3.5!!!!
  11. kungfu, edit the teamspeak server ip into ur post, i could get it off the clan forum, but from where i'm typing right now, "wojjie" is filtered out for games for some reason ...and i hate using guardster, it just shits out about 10 pop ups everytime u visit a page
  12. updated the ladder to incluse our 7 on 7 friendly match with VCES... we won 2-0 gg all +1
  13. KFC just had a friendly 8 on 8 with FMJ and KFC won 2-0... gg all, and there was no arguing after the war for once it was fun, and a great fight, we look forward to fighting you guys again gg KFC and FMJ +1
  14. yeah, my old batman one was smaller than that and they removed it on me... i dont see what it matters unless its unreasonable huge
  15. second worst.... ur forgetting {ULK}DeathB
  16. its not about liking rap... its from like the coolest movie series ever. the CKY series... skateboarding, riding, and jackass stunts... priceless.
  17. um no... thats the famous Brandon Dicamillo freestyle from the movie CKY2K ... sheesh where have u been?
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