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  1. yes, and now its off, and the scripts are up and running, thanks to gamefreek :-D

    right now we are looking for a place where we can get our scripts hosted permanately, isntead of making someone run irc in their backround all the time... so if anyone has any suggestions or can lend a hand, it will be appreciated


    New =AA= Teamspeak:

    Biggups to k00ner for paying for it

    everyoen coem n visit us!!!!

    Edit: and we now have our own 26 player public server!!!!

    =AA= Pure Pwnage Server

    our attempt to make a server to rival the partyserver, and be admined much better... this server wont kick for which gang ur in, or who u hate/love

    the scripts will be up tomorow for the server, than i can pick a bunch of trustworthy people to admin

  3. yeah that was a bit ago.... i, and the rest of =AA= don't use anything like that anymore, i had that crack back when i was in kfc i belive, and got rid of it back than, since i have been in =AA= i have been clean, and so has all of my members.

    i know a lot of people who had cracks in the past, and went over it a million of times, its in the past, big deal.

    leave it to fku to try to dig up the past to make us look bad :roll:

  4. news:

    we will have our own server: 26 player public within a day or two, it will be just as good as party, and be admined MUCH better

    New members:

    Gamefreek - OMFG WE GOT GAMEFREEK!!!!!!! yeah he joined today n stuf... pretty pumped about that, when i asked him why he just replied "cuz of gary, he made fku gay"

    thats all she wrote.

  5. does this include =AA= because lately kungfu has been a cronic hater, its ok if we cant because we will have our own server in a matter of days...

    but yeah kungfu is prolly the lamest admin on that whoel network... he pmed snowmane and basically asked him to quit aa/join kfc or leave... i mean this guy is gettign really desperate...

  6. ps i think we are definately being setup here... when me and sergio fucked the kfc forum we didnt put ANYTHING about aa, thats not our style

    its pretty obvious that someone else did it and is using our clans name to make us look bad, and all u thick headed retards are falling for it

    once we find out its not =AA= im going to EXPECT a formal apology from EACH and EVERY one of u nubs, than i will repeatedly pwn u in game

  7. hang on... what did we do now? i went to bed around 11:30 and so did basically all my members... we are in usa mainly and most of us are in school...

    first off i did see the forums, and whoever did this doesn't have bad taste, excellent execution i'd say, but still is lacking

    lol, moving on where is your proof that aa did thsi gary? dont go blaming until u have solid ass proof dude, cuz i was 100% not behind this, and have no clue whats going on, i admit, me and sergio were the masterminds behind fucking kfc forum, but this i had nothing to do with

    so tell me, how do you know its "aa" or are you just blaming us because you just want someone to look down on?

    gary, ur an ass, remember when u blamed me for u gettign baned in ur ts and it was actually gunny? ur too quick too judge and take the game way too seriously, find out who it was that was on quigs account, get his ip, give it to me and i can go from there, but def. do not just ACCUSE people when u have absolutely no proof

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