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  1. Donno if this is possible or has been previously suggested...... AI Pedestrians and Cops. (Server configured to enable or disable) Like you and a team of real people cause havoc among Vice city. Causeing the whole city to go on riot. Police are riding around arresting people (AI peds) The AI have guns and ride around attacking both AI and the real pleyers. So AI helis will fly around, etc..... I doubt it would work....but hey it sounds like a cool idea.
  2. A good one is Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ in 21 Days. It has about 600 - 700 pages and is very detailed. Yea.....My dad is a computer security analyst for Boeing, and he brough home the CD for that. But he didn't know an 400+ page instruction book was to accomany it. I need to buy that book. Cause I'd love to work on the MTA team. But hell, i need to know a sh!t load of coding!
  3. Visual studio.....hrm. Yea, I teahcing myself through online toutorials. Worken good. I prefer a book instead.
  4. Mind sharing what Kinds? Like basic C++ tools? Dev-C++ or C++ Builder.....what? See, I'm teaching myself C++, and I'm interested in programming for games and such
  5. Ahhhh.......I wish I could have created something like this.....
  6. God, I wish I knew how to code an entire fully integrated multiplayer server........These guys should work for Rockstar! And get paid to do this
  7. NOOO!!! REALLY!?! I knew that, but i mean like what tools were used, how did they know what to edit, and what not to, figuring out all the different server OS types.......etc.
  8. Where did you guys learn how do do the extensive and complicated coding for MTA? What kind of tools did you use aswell? It's amazing of how you guys did this!
  9. Pardon a dumb quetsion.....But what is MTA: Blue?
  10. Roughly. on average 5-10 members on a day for a 30 day month?
  11. Now how about on an actual webhost with these stats: General server information: Operating system FreeBSD Service Status Click to View Kernel version 5.2.1-RELEASE-p11 Machine Type i386 Apache version 1.3.33 (Unix) PERL version 5.6.1 Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail Installed Perl Modules Click to View PHP version 4.3.10 MySQL version 4.0.16 cPanel Build 10.0.0-CURRENT 40 Theme cPanel X v2.5.0 Documentation Click to View cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC2) And shell access Also, what would be the amount of monthly bandiwth?
  12. Ok, say I have it (Need permission from server owner) Could you list the steps I need to install the server? Detailed, as if you were talking to someone who knows jack squat about this subject! Lol Also for my hosters information (And mine) Roughly how much bandwith and space will this take up? On average, with like a max of 24 players at a time, with an average of 10 people a day?
  13. How do I run it? I click in the file name, but then my browser says that I have to download it. It has no web extension......Anyone have a detailed instructions step by stem with links to the right tools.....
  14. No, I can do it, but I don't see an executable file.....
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