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  1. how will it take off then? skimmer's can only land in water, if they touch surface, its never going to move unless you get the mod that allows it on land...
  2. haha! you must been one of the first people to get a ban in MTA 0.4! congrats
  3. you nub... go to ASE, go to configure games, and find the new version of mta 0.4
  4. Someone needs to go back up and read... he means that penguin guy probably lied since the other people couldnt do it
  5. wtf? isnt that the vice city model of the chopper?
  6. uh i am still having the same problem and NO the faq does not have it
  7. sigh you people are so halfminded at gta mods... he got it from here: http://www.gtaworldonline.tk/ but im not downloading it until its 100% complete
  8. yes you forgot the mesa grande near the VCN news tower...
  9. well I voted for illegal weapons because first of all, if someone has a mingun, they might as well have a trainer aswell so if you try getting the hell away for them, they'll just follow you with a jetpack and kill you with it, and another reason i hate illegal weapons is the teargas, it just makes laggy shit and blocks out the screen with smoke so u cant see wtf is going on!
  10. well there are flamethrowers, they always spawn inside the carwash
  11. Yes, I AM dcd. And admin can I send you my ip so you can unban me too? so YOU are the person that got me banned because of your map mods... I hate you since Im not unbanned yet...
  12. yes... same thing happened to me at the official server that allows only 12 people, around yesterday at 5:30 PST, I was going to leave for the gym while I was pissed off because my cousin used cheats and banned got me banned the official server that allows 24 people. SO since I was leaving the admin kicked out dcd for map mods or whatever ( I dont know because my mom was yelling like hell and turned off the computer without letting me save the logging of the server to send to the admin ) so I decided to keep MTA on but hide in top of the construction building so I wont die. but then it said s
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