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  1. Hi, I'm creating a roleplay server but for some resources I need a second player to debug it. Is it possible to run MTASA multiple times? I tried sandboxie but MTA won't allow that. A error pops up saying that there was already a MTA session running and if I want to terminate it. Is there some way I can bypass this checking for other active MTA sessions? I also tried to run virtualbox with windows XP but that also won't work.
  2. Hello, I'm currently trying to work with DX drawing for my server. Can somebody explain to me how to move a dxDrawRectangle on the screen? For example when I press F1 the dxDrawRectangle will move with animation to the right or left side of the screen. Thx!
  3. Hi all, i'm currently script a login system for my server. How can I prevent new players taking usernames that are only 1,2 or 3 characters long? Thx!
  4. When i use removePlayerFromVehicle it will spawn the arrested criminal inside the vehicle. Can i use removePlayerFromVehicle and then setElementPosition to spawn the arrested criminal near the vehicle instead in the vehicle? Of is there a better way to handle this? Like: setControlState (thePrisoner, "enter_exit", true)
  5. So i'm currently scripting a arrest system\resource for my server. When the police officer enters a vehicle the arrested criminal will be warped into the vehicle. But how can I make the arrested criminal to leave the vehicle when the police officer leaves the vehicle?
  6. What does C stack overflow mean? I get this error when running this code: addEventHandler ("onVehicleExit", getRootElement (), function (thePlayer) if (getElementModel(source) == 596 or 523) then local passenger = getVehicleOccupant (source, 1) if passenger then removePedFromVehicle(passenger) end end end )
  7. How can I make a dxDrawRectangle slide in from top to center?
  8. Yes it is server side, I want to prevent a ambulance (416) to spawn inside the marker if a other player or vehicle is inside the marker. How could I prevent this?
  9. It's a lot of work to create a roleplay, i'm currently busy create a own roleplay server. The best way is to learn it yourself, see MTA WIKI
  10. I have created a vehicle spawn script but when 2 players walk into the marker the same time. It causes the vehicle's to spawn in each other en eventually explode. Is there some way i could prevent this situation from happening?
  11. Hi all, how can I make a object damage proof? I have created a fuel script and don't want players to blow up the gas pumps.
  12. Hi all, How can i force a player to follow me? I want to create my own arrest system. Which function do i need to use?
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