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  1. When i use removePlayerFromVehicle it will spawn the arrested criminal inside the vehicle. Can i use removePlayerFromVehicle and then setElementPosition to spawn the arrested criminal near the vehicle instead in the vehicle? Of is there a better way to handle this? Like: setControlState (thePrisoner, "enter_exit", true)
  2. So i'm currently scripting a arrest system\resource for my server. When the police officer enters a vehicle the arrested criminal will be warped into the vehicle. But how can I make the arrested criminal to leave the vehicle when the police officer leaves the vehicle?
  3. What does C stack overflow mean? I get this error when running this code: addEventHandler ("onVehicleExit", getRootElement (), function (thePlayer) if (getElementModel(source) == 596 or 523) then local passenger = getVehicleOccupant (source, 1) if passenger then removePedFromVehicle(passenger) end end end )
  4. How can I make a dxDrawRectangle slide in from top to center?
  5. Yes it is server side, I want to prevent a ambulance (416) to spawn inside the marker if a other player or vehicle is inside the marker. How could I prevent this?
  6. It's a lot of work to create a roleplay, i'm currently busy create a own roleplay server. The best way is to learn it yourself, see MTA WIKI
  7. I have created a vehicle spawn script but when 2 players walk into the marker the same time. It causes the vehicle's to spawn in each other en eventually explode. Is there some way i could prevent this situation from happening?
  8. Hi all, how can I make a object damage proof? I have created a fuel script and don't want players to blow up the gas pumps.
  9. Hi all, How can i force a player to follow me? I want to create my own arrest system. Which function do i need to use?
  10. Hello, I have created a resource when entering a marker you can choose a free vehicle to travel with. But now I have a problem and I have no idea how to resolve it... If the players enters the marker for a second time, I want the previous vehicle to be destroyed. That part of the scripts works but it also destroyed the free vehicle of a other player. Can somebody tell me how I could fix this so it only removes the vehicle from 1 players? Client-side: Server-side: Already solved! I used:
  11. Where can I find the script/resource that creates the "login: You successfully logged in" when logged in?
  12. Hi, Is it possible to disable the /register and /login command? I have created a login system for my server but I don't want players to login by command.