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  1. I download 4 free weareable system and add more objects.. + make shop NPC where you can see image with subject what you buy before, then write /clothes and you an take off or wear any object with editing like in your video
  2. Danex

    More car parts

    lol of course. look at the MTA:NFS server, there is everything posible, sticker on body on windows etc..
  3. it's buged, you cannot write "@" symbol
  4. Original GTA:SA Shader_water (used in OWL) Shader_water 2
  5. Danex

    [Showoff] Maps

    East Los Santos Docks: Idlewood Gas Station: City Hall: Los Santos Emergency Services: Grotti's Custom Garage Interior: Unity: Idlewood Gas Station 2: Idlewood: Skatepark: I dont know: Idlewood Gas Station 3:
  6. Look's like forum register panel, try change design or create on default gui.
  7. maybe you can send me PM this link or something?
  8. Danex

    TAB GetAdminTitle

    you are my soul now thanks, works
  9. Hi, i make my own scoreboard, but i have one issue, i want to export to scoreboard my admin title, but i have just my admin_level, how can i make admin title.. like.. not AD rank 6, but Trial admin or something like that.. CODE: {"AD",-0.05, "right", function (p) return getElementData(p,"admin_level") or "0" end},
  10. This ir your server or original province?
  11. Danex

    Need a little help.

    Someone else mby?
  12. Danex

    Need a little help.

    again already have