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  1. i can't find a mistake (

    Praise the server! It helped me out a lot. Thank you :3
  2. i can't find a mistake (

    pay money but synced for each player( job script )
  3. i can't find a mistake (

    Hello everyone! I think i'm missing something but i can't find it client-side: setTimer(function() veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if veh then paymultiplier = 2 speed = tonumber(getElementSpeed(veh,"km/h")) --if speed < 0 then speed = -speed end triggerServerEvent("payMoney",localPlayer,(paymultiplier*speed)) --givePlayerMoney(paymultiplier*speed) end end,1000,0) server-side: function pay(val) givePlayerMoney(source,val) end addEvent("payMoney",true) addEventHandler("payMoney",getRootElement(),pay) Nothing happens server-side. I checked the source: only i see a message with outputChatBox and val is a random number - everything perfect, but still i don't get money. What i'm doing wrong?
  4. Name of ped task\

    Hello community! Imagine that the player pressed F or ENTER button and his character(ped) is running towards the nearest vehicle. Then the player press WASD - any of this buttons and the ped stops. What is the name of this task? ( i need it for getPedTask function)
  5. Disable headlights auto turning on

    Sounds good. I don't know why i missed this moment. Thank you
  6. Hello everyone! How can i make vehicles not turning headlights each 20:35 world time?
  7. How can i remove/edit topic?

    I was waiting exactly for this answer - accessable and undertandable! Thank you! No more questions.
  8. How can i remove/edit topic?

    yeah and this guy too - less than half of year ago
  9. GetServerIp() fetch.remove

    Hello everyone! Why getServerIp() returns even on dedicated server?
  10. How can i remove/edit topic?

    Why this user can edit his messages then? (
  11. OR logical operator problem

    that's even better! Thank you
  12. OR logical operator problem

    Hello community! Why this part of code doesn't work? getBlipIcon(blip) == (32 or 35) then i really don't want to write getBlipIcon(blip) == 32 or getBlipIcon(blip) == 35 then each time (((
  13. XML problem

    yeah, that was so stupid Thank you both
  14. Bank credit system problems

    yeah, i missed arguments at the end of function. I have already fixed it but thanks anyway
  15. Rotating render targets

    Hello everyone! Is that possible to rotate render targets in 3d axis on player's screen?