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  1. Solved. I copied liblua5.1.a library ( /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu on my device ) next to the Makefile. Also i added -static -L./ flags before the flag -llua5.1 (Makefile)
  2. Up. Am i able to include the missing library as a part of module instead of referring to it?
  3. I've recently tested my module on Debian 9.11 server (VPS hosting) and got this error: MODULE: Unable to load mods/deathmatch/modules/ ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory) I compiled and tested it on Ubuntu (local VM via VirtualBox) and it worked perfectly. Did i miss something in makefile? My current Makefile.mak:
  4. Hello guys! I've recently found out that i can't use 2+ different shaders on same texture. I tried to work around layered argument in dxCreateShader function and DepthBias variable in shader and got nothing. Only one shader can exist at the time. I tried to apply one shader over another one so I used gTexture0 variable (defined in mta-helper.fx) to get material and draw my own texture over it. What am i missing? shader pseudo-code: // Fix by JeViCo // Link: texture gTexture0 < string textureState="0,Texture"; >; texture tex; technique Draw { pass P0 { Texture[0] = gTexture0; AlphaBlendEnable = true; } pass P1 { Texture[0] = tex; } } Of course i can make single-file shader however this is not what i'm trying to achieve
  5. JeViCo

    RPG Time Limiter

    You can create a timer after you switched to the RPG and remove it if you switched to another weapon Use toggleControl("aim_weapon", false) on each onClientWeaponSwitch event triggering and allow to aim when the timer executes out (just insert toggleControl("aim_weapon", true) inside the timer)
  6. 1) Try to use source as the variable name. It may confuse you in future (see pre-defined variables) 2) not (v == source) is similar to v ~= source. Technically the last one is more correct. Also you didn't mention what bugs appear
  7. JeViCo

    RPG Time Limiter

    why don't you use timers to make the delay?
  8. You can kill the timer and recreate it lmao use sourceTimer variable inside timer's callback function
  9. Found community script. Install it and use exported functions
  10. We can't help you until you give us more details. Also, check your debug (/debugscript 3)
  11. Imagine that server has ~100 players on it. You're telling the server to open panel on client-side. The server doesn't know which player you're talking about and it opens it on every single client. This is what happens when you use triggerClientEvent("Start", ThePlayer) To fix it tell the server to use specific client(player) by adding player variable as the first argument: triggerClientEvent(ThePlayer, "Start", ThePlayer) Same thing was shown above BTW this is the single difference between triggerClientEvent and triggerServerEvent
  12. try to use addEvent function below the toggleOnPlayerMove variable
  13. This is the scripting section and not "how to leak scripts"