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  1. Thanks =D I understand module mechanics a bit more now
  2. Hello there! So the question is in the title - am i able to use MTA functions somehow inside module code? Maybe i can link it somehow with MTA source code to avoid errors during compiling
  3. JeViCo

    Help me! Please...

    @Vitlink you can do it using render targets: 1. Rotate image to make 3d effect 2. Draw it on render target to hide borders
  4. JeViCo

    Custom client design c++

    solved. I was copying files to mta sa directory for no reason + some mfc libraries were missing.
  5. JeViCo

    Custom client design c++

    thank you for reply. I can't even launch MTA. It says that files and module versions are incorrect. Should i specify " i use custom client leave me alone" somewhere before compiling?
  6. Hello everyone! I've recently tried to make custom client (i changed main menu elements, added c++ related functions) but i keep getting version errors. Is that even possible? Maybe i'm doing something wrong
  7. JeViCo

    module question

    В том то и проблема, что это не бот для канала, а standalone приложение, которым я могу воспользоваться только при помощи модулей, а не http запросов :с Вот как это осуществить я не совсем понимаю. Там используются функции вида модуль.функция, а на уме пока что такая картина (своего рода переход): function функция (...) return модуль.функция(...) end @IIYAMA thank you for your help but i have .dll module. I guess i should make my own methods as @Sorata_Kanda and @XaskeL have already mentioned I think i should do some kind of function transition but i don't know where to start
  8. JeViCo

    module question

    Thanks for reply! I tried that and got nothing. I think i can't use this function at all What do you mean? Custom functions? I don't understand modules much but i'm gonna do whatever it takes I tried to use discord RPC library (Lua) ( functions such as discordRPC.initialise where discordRPC = require("discord-rpc") )
  9. JeViCo

    module question

  10. JeViCo

    module question

    Hi there! I have custom module for lua language (dll) which use require function to work example: local modul = require("my-module"); local variable = modul.func(some_args, another_stuff) Of course i added this module to mtaserver.conf to avoid require but i don't know how can i use that function from example (module.func) now.
  11. JeViCo

    [help] script

    @RootBey you can simply disable it with this code: addEventHandler("onClientKey", root, function(key) if key == "t" then cancelEvent() end end) OR (if you want to disable chat) you can use this code:
  12. JeViCo

    [HELP] Level requirements

    @Knuck you can simply iterate through table function addXp(player, amount) local xp = getElementData(player, "XP") + amount -- move to new level for i, v in pairs (LEVELS) do if xp >= v then xp = v - xp -- if you need it ofc setElementData(player, "Level", xp) break end end setElementData(player, "XP", xp) end
  13. JeViCo

    how to disable global chat on MTA Server (RPG)

    @RangerMind you should use separate table for this action as @mehmet said you should use createColSprere + onClientColShapeHit to insert players into table and then remove them when onClientColShapeLeave event triggers. By using onClientChatMessage event you can filter messages and display them from players, who are in your table This method won't affect performance much
  14. JeViCo

    getting server information

    @XaskeL You can get a count of players using php (php sdk)