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  1. nothing can protect your resources except for modules or some magic tricks
  2. it seems working. Thank you! You saved my time
  3. Hi guys! I've recently tried to change file client-side however i got none. meta.xml: <meta> <script src="client.Lua" type="client" /> <file src="testfile.txt" /> </meta> testfile.txt (server-side): sometext here client.Lua: local file = fileOpen('testfile.txt') fileClear(file) -- clear file local content = 'some new text' fileWrite(file, content) print(#content) -- got 13 print(#fileRead(file, fileGetSize(file))) -- always get 0 fileClose(file) acl.xml has resource.* permission and debug doesn't give any hints any ideas?? i used this function (same happens if a recreate file)
  4. Well, i understood a little bit id = 429 local txd = EngineTXD:create('banshee.txd', true) EngineTXD:import(txd, id) however i keep getting the same error: expected string at argument 1 got table What am i doing wrong?
  5. Hi there! I've recently found this page on wiki. This might be a stupid question but how do i use it? 😅
  6. @Zcraks you can also use this local screX, screY = guiGetScreenSize() local px,py = 1366,768 -- your resolution where everything fits perfect local x,y = (screX/px), (screY/py) simple example: dxDrawText('Hello guys!', x*450, y*300, x*300, y*100) OR you can make it happen for everything on one go by replacing the original function. Example: function all_dxDrawText(...) local arr = {...} -- get arguments arr[1] = x*arr[1] -- do some magic stuff arr[2] = y*arr[2] arr[3] = x*arr[3] arr[4] = y*arr[4] return dxDrawText(unpack(arr)) -- use modified arguments end all_dxDrawText('Hello guys!', x*450, y*300, x*300, y*100)
  7. Hello there >3 I have recetly tried to add to execute sounds in different ways: PlaySoundA("C:\\sound\\test.mp3", NULL, SND_FILENAME); // SND_FILENAME or SND_LOOP and mciSendString("open \"C:\\sound\\test.mp3\" type mpegvideo alias mp3", NULL, 0, NULL); and any other additional librarias but got nothing. I admit that i doesn't know much and test this stuff for first time Anyway, how can i make looped music in main menu or make some audio effects on menu interaction? Sry for my bad english =D
  8. Thanks =D I understand module mechanics a bit more now
  9. Hello there! So the question is in the title - am i able to use MTA functions somehow inside module code? Maybe i can link it somehow with MTA source code to avoid errors during compiling
  10. @Vitlink you can do it using render targets: 1. Rotate image to make 3d effect 2. Draw it on render target to hide borders
  11. solved. I was copying files to mta sa directory for no reason + some mfc libraries were missing.
  12. thank you for reply. I can't even launch MTA. It says that files and module versions are incorrect. Should i specify " i use custom client leave me alone" somewhere before compiling?
  13. Hello everyone! I've recently tried to make custom client (i changed main menu elements, added c++ related functions) but i keep getting version errors. Is that even possible? Maybe i'm doing something wrong