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  1. JeViCo

    Password Encryption

    first of all i recommend you to use encodeString and decodeString to encrypt everything with your own password. Also you have to use those functions server-side to make your own password secure. By the way your protection depends from your code. If you send password + some info which attach current account to player (for example serial) using triggerServerEvent function - that would not be safe at all. Another example: when player log in, he/she gets elementData with account id/account name and you send it server-side - this is unsafe too. You have to send only player's password using triggerServerEvent and get other information server-side @tommymaster
  2. JeViCo

    [HELP] Hud script

    @overlocus, try to find something similar to this setPlayerHudComponentVisible("radar", true) or this showPlayerHudComponent("radar", true) in your code and remove it
  3. JeViCo

    [HELP] custom zones and names

    i recommend you to use createColCuboid, createColPolygon for this actions. You can attach own name to each colshape and easily detect them with onColShapeHit/onClientColShapeHit @22small
  4. JeViCo

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    @thisdp, could you check label properties? "clip" property doesn't work if current label has "colorcoded" property
  5. JeViCo

    LUA Resolution Problem

    I want that for all resolutions, Not just for 1360 it WILL fit in each resolution - this is the simplest way. Your coordinates will be multiplied by (for example x: 1366/player_resolution) -> Bigger resolution x>0, smaller - 0<x<1 You can try it yourself by changing in-game/pc resolutions. By the way you should multiply dxDrawText's scale too
  6. JeViCo

    Save and load data with JSON

    This might be a little bit offtopic but i 100% understand you - that's quite nasty problem. Anyway you can't avoid it all the time. This page may help you. Also you can attach other information elements such as ID, type, etc so you can manage them with the least risk
  7. JeViCo

    [HELP] Take Money And Interior

    oops misspelled that
  8. JeViCo

    setAccountData doesn't work

    oh, i didn't see that. Thank you
  9. JeViCo

    Save and load data with JSON

    (server-side !!!) use setElementData for each vehicle. Load your data after on resource start and remove it (removeElementData)
  10. JeViCo

    [HELP] Take Money And Interior

    function enter (thePlayer, dim) if getElementType(thePlayer) == "player" then if not getPedIccupiedVehicle(thePlayer) and dim then --setElementPosition(thePlayer, 834.66796875, 7.431640625, 1004.1870117188 ) setElementInterior(thePlayer, 3, 834.66796875, 7.431640625, 1004.1870117188) if (getPlayerMoney(thePlayer)>= 100) then takePlayerMoney(thePlayer, 100) else outputChatBox("#ff0000You Don't Have Enough Money!",thePlayer,255,255,255,true) end end end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",markerJoin,enter) Use optional arguments @xXGhostXx
  11. JeViCo

    setAccountData doesn't work

    Hello everyone. Something wrong here and i can't understand what - it always outputs boolean server-side addCommandHandler("gac",function(pl) setAccountData(getPlayerAccount(pl),"player:weapon_accur",{}) local acc = getPlayerAccount(pl) tab = getAccountData(acc,"player:weapon_accur") print(type(tab)) end)
  12. JeViCo


    What do you mean - street lights or car lights? Anyway you should know this: - If you want to apply shader on a single object/car/skin you should add targetElement (3-rd argument of engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture). If you didn't add this, shader would apply on every element with your texture name - If you want to apply shader on several object/cars/skins you should add targetElement which i indicated in the paragraph above AND create own shader for each element (i took both from wiki notes) for example you can use tables vehs = {} vehs["vehicle element"] = "dxCreateShader stuff (shader element)"
  13. JeViCo

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    no problem. I'm glad i can help you while testing your awesome script. Keep it up
  14. JeViCo

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    same addCommandHandler("ttt",function() local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( localPlayer ) local px,py,pz = x,y,z local _,_,r = getElementRotation ( localPlayer ) x = x - math.sin ( math.rad ( r ) ) * 2 y = y + math.cos ( math.rad ( r ) ) * 2 d3 = dgsCreate3DInterface(x, y, z+1,2,2,512,512,0xFF000000,nil,nil,nil) w_main = dgsCreateWindow(0, 0, 100, 100, "test window", false) dgsSetParent(w_main,d3) dgsSetProperty(d3,"faceTo",{px,py,pz}) end)