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  1. Thank you guys, both options work perfect. My vehicle element was driving through the marker and this caused the problem. I used setElementFrozen function to fix it
  2. Hello there. I've recently tried to change vehicle's interior server-side and met a problem. My current code: -- client triggerServerEvent("teleporter", localPlayer, {10, 10, 2}, 1, math.random(65000)) -- server addEvent("teleporter", true) addEventHandler("teleporter", root, function(pos, int, dim) local x, y, z = unpack(pos) setElementInterior(source, int, x, y, z) setElementDimension(source, dim) end) Everything works perfect except for setElementInterior function. Interior changes, however coordinates are not. By the way, player in vehicle (driver). Any ideas?
  3. @Tut's idea is specific and interesting. It may solve a possible problem in future. I'll try both ideas. Thank you guys
  4. Actually it's not that bad. You gave me an idea which solved my problem without all of that problematic stuff That's a quite simple and smart solution, thank you
  5. So contentMessages[line] is nil so line variable is nil as well try to find destroyLine function call in your code
  6. Hi, @DogukanUcan, your screenshot doesn't work anymore. Could you reupload it so we can help you
  7. @Zcraks you can replace passwordVerify function by comparing two hashes, for example: register: local hashedPassword = passwordHash("your_password","bcrypt",{}) setAccountData(account, "hash_password", hashedPassword) -- save it login: local currentHashedPassword = passwordHash("i_have_recently_typed_it","bcrypt",{}) local originalHashedPassword = getAccountData(account, "hash_password") if (currentHashedPassword == originalHashedPassword) then -- do something end I guess something wrong with your variables or case sensetivity in your password
  8. Another way (using acl.xml rights): <right name="command.login" access="false"></right> <right name="command.register" access="false"></right>
  9. Hello everyone! Can spawn stock wheel object for each custom vehicle somehow? Stock wheel's upgrade id is 0 so i can't do anything with this
  10. JeViCo


    Oops, missread a little bit. afk system is a bit more complex than you think. You should track player's movement to make sure that he is just standing and doing nothing. You should also use onPlayerLogin event to optimise your script (I'm 100% sure that your login-panel appears at the end of downloading & loading)
  11. The first error (Expected vector3 at argument 4, got none) Line 99: dis2 = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, x2, y2, z2) so variable x2 equals to none. You got x2, y2 and z2 variables right here: local x2, y2, z2 = getElementPosition(gates[key]["gate"]) So the problem is in your gates table A little advice: On the previous step you're making a loop: for key, value in ipairs(gates) do and you can replace gates[key]["gate"] with value.gate or value["gate"] and get the same result The second error is caused by previous one as the dis2 variable has no value.
  12. JeViCo


    @Hugos, your problem was at the last argument of setTimer: I replaced 0 with 1 timesToExecute: The number of times you want the timer to execute, or 0 for infinite repetitions (wiki) --Client local Timer = setTimer(function() if not isTransferBoxActive() then triggerServerEvent("PlayerKick", localPlayer) -- getLocalPlayer() and localPlayer returns player end end, 300000, 1)
  13. @ODutii, you're checking player's health right here getElementHealth(player) >= 301 you might also need to check seats: function broken(player, seat) if seat == 0 then -- driver if getElementHealth(source) > 300 then setVehicleEngineState(source, true) else setVehicleEngineState(source, false) end end end addEventHandler("onVehicleEnter", root,broken) Source (wiki) The source of this event is the vehicle that was entered.
  14. @Skander Dridi, download 1.0 US version of gta_sa executable from web and replace with installed one
  15. That's a quite complex task. You should add models via vehicle components and manage them in future however there might be a problem with active parts such as doors and wheels. You'll need additional scripts to make your custom wheels, doors trunks etc.