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  1. Nope, i cannot. If ill install Windows Vista then my pc could run really slow. Even on 32bit, as it was designed for windows 8, and was win 10 capable. Note that the same problem was in windows 7/8 But i found this http://magicform-vincennes.fr/multi-theft-auto-san-andreas-mtasa-portable-download/ i downloaded it via torrent runned it on Virtual machine and it wrecked my VM up sadly So it was virus
  2. Hello. I'm new user here. I Would like to play MTA:SA on my half-broken laptop which sadly doesnt have admin rights, and thats why its half-broken. Sadly theres NO visual c++ 2008 built-in in Windows 10. If i extract MTA Installer via Universal Extractor, Then put Visual c++ Files in mta folder, would it work? It says it wasnt installed correctly. Maybe you have some other ideas what to do, if yes, then please help me. Thanks a lot. About that laptop. I could return admin rights, but when i do that, laptop acts weird and its 12x times slower, so i cannot. Of course laptop is on windows 10. Yep if i return admin rights mta gonna be unplayable. I Cannot install it on admin rights, because i have to wait 90 days before next change. So nope.