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  1. And that's not the end! I broke it again: Time: Distance:
  2. First, there is no 2 wheels record, so let's start with mine: And I broke stoppie record: P.S. I don't have video, because
  3. My record is about 111 seconds, but i didn't make a screenshot...Try to do stoppies in the airpot or on the beach...
  4. Hmmm...Are you blind?I've posted a link!Ok,here it is: http://mymap.nm.ru/Movie_0004.wmv
  5. I've already said, that it's our clan's video, so stunts were made by different people and some os them really changed handling.cfg, but I didn't do that.... My stunts are from 36 second to 1:06 and one stunt at 1:22...
  6. Give your opinions: http://gtavideos.com/videos/vcextreme.avi P.S.This video was made by our stuntmasters clan(Russian clan).
  7. Grim, In my opinion, your stunt looks a bit strange - it looks like your bike exploded twice!Have you used any cheats or something like that.Say honestly. P.S.Anyway, I'll try to beat this record. P.P.S.Exsume mistakes - I'm from Russia and don't know English welll....
  8. Yes, it's really diffycult on pcj, but it's possible!Now my record is only 76 seconds but I'l try to do a 600 seconds wheelie...
  9. 2Shadowninja: Why do you think, that you can't turn right or left when you're doing a wheelie? P.S.Screen from my stats: P.P.S.Screen with 612 seconds wheelie:
  10. Hmmm...I didn't save a screen from game, but i can show you a screen from my stats...
  11. It's very easy ! My record is about 1325 seconds!
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