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  1. Heads up guys, new mirror. Glad people still download it
  2. Also huge props to the Sam, he was originaly supposed to star in this film, but requested to have his stunts reserved for his own movie. However through his graciousness he let us keep a couple of sunts that are in the vid. Selfless contribution thats what its about! onya Sam.
  3. err obviously you can't f**king read, because my post explicity states that I don't want either person taking more credit then the other person. BARNEY is the best stunter in the world imho, and it was a great experience to be able to make a video with such quality stunts. Oh and btw, i downloaded all of your videos, and I'm sorry to break it to you they are pretty shithouse, so next time you think about making a video, don't.
  4. Its a partenered video remember, although BARNEY's stunts where really quite insane and made the movie what is it, I did all the editing and alot of hardwork was put in by me as well. The last thing i want is for either of use to take more credit then the other. So as a matter of fact its really OUR video if not my video featuring barney's stunts. thanks.
  5. Cheats where used in game to achieve some stunts, but the speed of any of the vehicles was never changed. Basicaly the only cheats that we did where ones that would make it easier to perform stunts, and the exploding bike trick is simply pressing the blow your car up cheat at the right time. I did all the editing btw, in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Adobe After Effects 6.5 and a 3D plugin.
  6. What is NosGoth's best video, I wouldn't mind checkint it out. Thanks for all the feedback people, glad you liked it Sorry about the music, but I'm pretty sick of hearing rock bands in the background and wanted something more high energy yet rythmic and not crazy.
  7. Hey, My new vid is now out, it features BARNEY's stunts and is jam packed with amazing stunts including backflips, air grabs, transfers, grinds and much, much more! Using today's best editing techniques and a rockin soundtrack and 10 minute stunt video is unprecidented in that it provides stunts like you have never seen them before! IMPORTANT: This video is encoded with the latest DIVX codec, you will need to download it from here. You will need winRAR to open the full quality version. here DOWNLOAD NOW: [more mirrors to come] FULL: Fileplanet [no que] TGA [Thanks Bloody & Sam] SM
  8. pretty cool can't wait to see final vid. Audio is pretty bad though, never consisestena and birate is baaaad.... Stunts where impeccable, best quality i've ever seen however too many top-down shots imho. other then that perfect, Can't wait!
  9. Hey Ramon, In the trailer, what song are you using, i always know what it is, but i never knew the name. Thanks. PM me or email if you want
  10. smartass, i just don't approve the use of a glitch which makes u stay on ur bike. That's just personal tho, cuz no matter wut ur gonna land the full backflip even if u land upside down. That doesn't really require alot of skill in that case. Err it does require skill, just not the same type of skill as doing non-glitch stunts. Personally, I see it extremely difficult to time the explosions so you do a flrip then land it, front flips are even more tricky because you need to be a stoppy and slowing down. say you want about me, i can take the arrows, put please don't hurt poor little backflip
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