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  1. msyyn

    [Looking for] Snowball script?

    That's what I did, but was wondering if anyone has made one like this
  2. Does anyone know if there exists a snowball script, similar to shown in the video?
  3. msyyn

    HELP! My bot is not spawning! (slothbot)

    /debugscript 3, what error it gives?
  4. msyyn

    HELP! My bot is not spawning! (slothbot)

    Did you add it to the slothbot resource?
  5. msyyn

    How to create chat bot

    local messages = { "Visit our website at!", "Did you know? These messages are automated!", "Add another message here!" } local prefix = "[INFO] #FFFFFF" -- message prefix local interval = 5 -- time between messages (minutes) function outputRandomMessage() local msg = messages[math.random(#messages)] outputChatBox(prefix .. msg, root, 3, 169, 244, true) end setTimer(outputRandomMessage, interval * 60 * 1000, 0) Output looks like: [INFO] Did you know? These messages are automated! Are you looking for something like this? Or what do you mean by words loop.
  6. msyyn

    [REQUEST) Spawn Panel [Paid]

    That price doesn't cover even the designing part
  7. msyyn

    [JS]Converted Maps

    GTA V map
  8. msyyn

    [HELP] How to disable?

    How to disable Open mtaserver.conf and find <auth_serial_groups> and change to below <auth_serial_groups></auth_serial_groups> Note: Authorized Serial Account Protection helps prevent your server from getting hacked. If there is a chance any of your admins are using the same password on other servers, then do not disable this feature. It literally says it on the link you just posted
  9. msyyn


  10. msyyn

    Health & Armor

    I will send you one in PM.
  11. msyyn

    Problem Privat . Server admin panel

    Line 69 and 70 is missing account for argument 1? Check the code ..
  12. msyyn

    [HELP] Blip Event System

    /debugscript 3 ingame. What does it say?
  13. msyyn

    Health & Armor

    I think he is looking for custom nametags resource.
  14. msyyn

    [Help]Panel open command

    function openP() local guiState = guiGetVisible(aWarpForm) if guiState then guiSetVisible(aWarpForm, false) showCursor(false) elseif not guiState then guiSetVisible(aWarpForm, true) showCursor(true) end end addCommandHandler("panel", openP) You had the command handler inside the function-- start debugging your code and actually read through it. If a code is not working, 90% cases it's a typo / user error. Also use tabs. pls. PS. the code has other issues aswell
  15. msyyn

    Anyone can help me for this Scoreboard with flag

    He literally said what you have to do Add the first code snippet to a server lua file and the 2nd one to scoreboard's client-side file.