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  1. Hey! Zeyad Ahmed! I know you from LW's! We have a MTA:VC server /0.4.1/ in Hungary. We use mods, and now i work on 2017 version bug fixes. I use Project Redivivus 0.6 Nightly .scm with some fixes. We've been working since 2010. Hey Zerb! You said: "golden generation". My old friend Jano is play with us on Hungarian server. He was an old FMJ member. [FMJ]Jano I have all scripts from the past. / Created by OLi and Aeron / I have a MACK version too! Now we cant use this scripts cause it writed on 0.5. Script features: https://pastebin.com/ymMTkrnE https://pastebin.com/GswJV994 Manhunt.mrc mta.area.mrc Scripts.mrc Dodo.mrc DB.mrc CTW.mrc Admin-System.mrc Full of FMJ scripts i have: FMJdm.mrc FMJrpg.mrc cw.alias.txt cw.getip.ini cw.teams.ini cw.options.ini clanwar.mrc cw.commands.ini clanwars.ini clanwar.dll "Kopia FMJdm.mrc" FMJ Dm files and RPG files too Did you know "Babybot" ? ;////////////////////////////////////////// ;/// FULL METAL JACKET - PURE DM SCRIPT /// ;/// BY [FMJ]MASTER /// ;////////////////////////////////////////// ;/// FOR USE ONLY WITH FMJ SERVERS /// ;////////////////////////////////////////// alias fmj.botname !return [FMJ]BabyBot alias fmj.dir !return $scriptdir $+ DMfiles/ alias fmj.dmver !return 2.5 alias fmj.server { if ($prop == ip) !return %fmj.server.ip [ $+ [ $1 ] ] elseif ($prop == port) !return %fmj.server.cport [ $+ [ $1 ] ] elseif ($prop == out) !return $+($mta.server($1).ip,_,$iif(%fmj.server.port [ $+ [ $1 ] ] > 4000,$v1,4015)) else { if ($mta.server($1) == !return $true elseif ($mta.server($1) == !return $true else !return $false If you want to talk me, you find me on LW's. My name is there: Zool / my forum name is Abri / Sorry for my bad words Anybody need this scripts, just write me!