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  1. Hi, I wanna know if there is save objects as assets to reuse again. Im not way too good a scripting and linking scripts and filename. So if someone can create the resource script I'll be happy to Reused my assets I combined like trains, building. Copy and paste say if I wanna make Tokyo by use combine vanilla objects for example.
  2. in fact custom objects ... but i love convert to single player but not custom objects inside
  3. At where? Resource other site but I look in resource I can't find j cody map editor. But does it has highlight world object such as grove street?
  4. Is it possible to group multiple world objects beside one at a time? I want to move the world object out of the map like if want to pickup grove street and bring it far away from san andreas map. especially the interiors to make player climb up platforms. thanks
  5. I was attempting to max the stat on bmx but the script wasn't working even if I start the script on map editor along with tools. I tried searching for max stats on bike used for bmx race. I was going to make thps map to make the player jump to the gap. I don't want to have 0 stat on bmx or it's useless to make thps maps, stunts ramps jump on gaps. Can you help please? I'm in map editor needs to test on gaps
  6. I want to convert cleo mods to mta but I can find any download for cleo to lua, i make a cleo mod like actor spawner, since slothbot really sucks because im not good at script .lua for mta, after i use map editor to convert to single player for original san andreas after making my maps and have this useless mod bots will not spawn and nothing says anything on the top left. do anyone have a cleo converter to mta sa? i get bored for testing my maps for nothing, just dumb peds use for nothing. slothbot isn't suppose to be for only advanced users only, which i dont understand. this mod really sucks, and the premade too.
  7. Nope, that site is polish language if you translate to english it will mess up the variables when converted. it will turn 1@ into 1 @.
  8. I made the Saints Row District map but there's at least 3 weapons in interiors but no teleports yet, but is there a way to get offline map converter to single-player san andreas? so I can spawn actors, play 2-player in multiplayer maps http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps/110038-stilwater-of-saints-row-district-map-v0-01 I convert this map from mta2scm online converter, and this exceeds over 75kbs so I have to manually cut the parts of the map and pasted in the site to converter then import to cleo and renaming variables. My map is at least 145kbs, but I manage to import all the objects.
  9. I don't have internet at home so in the mean time while editing map to convert to SA single-player that requires internet for mta2scm, I get bored, when I play around in maps, I download slothbots, freefoam slothbots, racing bots, teleporter and I put it in the resources and nothing happens, in map editor it only shows waypoints for bots and teleports icons. Playing alone completely with my custom maps feels nothing to me is there a way to get client.lua and server.lua in map editor local server?
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