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  1. Prepare to war!!! Tell your friends your enemies and your Grandma to join the Server!!!!! Many features and future Features will suprise you Safezone Big bases Skins Groupstuff Mods And nice mapfeatures like an secret area entrence... MTA:DayZ IP: mtasa:// LITTLE SUPRISE FOR THE START: When u tell Logic or Stalker that u read that post say the code : "las-suprise" u get a armybox and 2 cars. 3 Gang-Member Little base with 2 armyboxes 1 car, 1 heli 6 Gang-Member Big base 4 armyboxes 3 cars, 1 bike and 1 heli + Groupskin 10 Gang-Member VIP Base 6 Armyboxes 5 Cars, 3 bikes and 2 helis + Groupskin ____________________________________ the server is now open mtasa://
  2. This is a brilliant idea. Must try this.
  3. [14:59:42] ERROR: [WWZ-DayZ]/DayZ/bone_attach/attach_func.lua:117: cannot resume dead coroutine [string "?"] The Console keep sending this. Please help me asap
  4. -Stalker

    [REQUEST] Top Kill & Death

    Does anyone have this resource? if you have can you share it for me.
  5. World War Z DayZ [OFFICIAL SERVER] MTA:SA version : 1.5.4 ( newest MTA version in mtasa.com ) SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Features: Account System Group System Zombie System Settings System VIP System Admin System Hud & Radar New Land BASES & FREE BASES FOR 4 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: Stalker & Random _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. -Stalker

    MTA:SA Problem

    Hello sir, i would like to ask why i keep disconnecting when i added my DayZ gamemode i dont any problem about host and i think my mta:sa had a problem can you kindly notice my problem and help so i can start my server
  7. -Stalker

    [HELP] VIP System

    Sir, i dont have the client? what should be the code for that?
  8. -Stalker

    [HELP] VIP System

    I follow what you said but its not working
  9. -Stalker

    [HELP] VIP System

    Anyone want to help me
  10. -Stalker

    [HELP] VIP System

    Hello Guys Please help me about my DayZ VIP panel that if you put /vip cmd then you will get stuff from it. function giveAcl(thePlayer, cmd, target) if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("Admin")) then local theTargetElement = getPlayerFromNamePart(target) if(getElementType(theTargetElement) == "player") then setElementData(theTargetElement, "IsPlayerVip", true) local acc = getPlayerAccount(theTargetElement) if acc then setAccountData(acc, "IsPlayerVip", true) end end end end addCommandHandler("setvip", giveAcl) function giveVipItems(thePlayer) local acc = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) if getAccountData(acc, "IsPlayerVip") then local VIP = getElementData(thePlayer, "vip.items") or 0 if VIP == 0 then setElementData(thePlayer, "Map", 1) setElementData(thePlayer, "GPS", 1) setElementData(thePlayer, "Box of Matches", 1) setElementData(thePlayer, "Toolbox", 1) setElementData(thePlayer, "Watch", 1) setElementData(thePlayer, "Assault ammo", 300) setElementData(thePlayer, "M4", 1) setElementData(thePlayer, "Bandage", 3) setElementData(thePlayer, "Medic Kit", 3) setElementData(thePlayer, "Morphine", 3) setElementData(thePlayer, "Painkiller", 3) setElementData(thePlayer, "Sniper Rifle", 1) setElementData(thePlayer, "Sniper ammo", 30) setElementData(thePlayer, "Water Bottle", 5) setElementData(thePlayer, "Camouflage Clothing", 1) setElementData(thePlayer, "Pizza", 5) setElementData(thePlayer, "Infrared Goggles", 1) setElementData(thePlayer, "Night Vision Goggles", 1) setElementData(thePlayer, "MAX_Slots", 100) setElementData(thePlayer, "vipi", 1) outputChatBox("VIP: VIP Items loaded press 'J'!", thePlayer, 0, 255, 0, false) else outputChatBox("VIP: You can only use this command one time per spawn!", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0, false) end end end addCommandHandler("vip", giveVipItems) --#@# function rmvVipD() setElementData(source, "vip.items", 0) end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), rmvVipD) function loadVip() local VIP = getAccountData(getPlayerAccount(source), "vip.items") setElementData(source, "vip.items", VIP) end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), loadVip) function saveVip() local player = getPlayerAccount(source) setAccountData(player, "vip.items", getElementData(source, "vip.items")) end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(), saveVip) Please tell me what is wrong with it.