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  1. This is a dutch site about Sa for pc/ps2 in the startpost u can see the full map/some pictures/radio stations/ cheats for ps2 and some nice movies to show some parts of the game (like pimping your ride ), (some parts are in English http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_messages/969309 Some movies from that link: http://www.habboid.net/gta-sa/lozen.avi http://www.habboid.net/gta-sa/Composit_1024_111116.avi http://members.home.nl/albinoraptor/GTA%20SC/Bubba%20tractor.avi http://www.habboid.net/gta-sa/bmx.avi //see how cool a bmx is http://www.habboid.net/gta-sa/Composit_1024_180502
  2. I'm back First of all, the editing was really nice and the music was ok. Most of the stunts didnt really impress me, but some were nice . The so called "explosion stunts" (I thought u mean those stunts, were an explosion gives a boost (on a bike) so u can rotate real fast and sick) are ok, but to repeative (I wanna see that big rotations!!!). I think the bikestunting wasnt very original and a bit 2 basic. The music: 7.0/10 The editing: 8.0/10 Stunts: 6.0/10 So overall: 7/10, the video was fun to watch, but not that impressive
  3. Nope he didnt, but if we would really care about it , he would post it. He kept the reply somewhere around and he had to give it his final touch
  4. I really care btw :D U can also give a more short opnion or something
  5. Still waiting for his reply Btw my opinion about the new vids: I dont think our vid is the best or something. But it's a pity that for the last 3 months I've havent seen much very good movies on this forum. I liked the old times (more than a half year ago) where multiple good vids where posted every week. But most of the creaters of those vids stopped making movies after several vids (me 2). The movies u see now on this forum are mostly newbie vids (I dont think those vids sux, cause nobody's 1st try is perfect ). But I wanna see that good old movies, the next parts of the movies t
  6. No more replies? We are not sure if we make a next one, If we make one, it could take a lot of time, cause it's getting harder to find spots/new tricks etc. I hope u understand
  7. Thx, for the reply's We are btw no1 in the Top10 Downloads (Downloads: 1025) TGA is working again Nosgoth wrote: Just search on google: "gtavc font pricedown" You'll find it easily
  8. I'm very glad, u guys like the vid. :D :D :D We really want to make a next vid, but it could take a while, to create a vid that is even better (or equal), than/to this. It's hard to find good/ original spots. But we're working on it.
  9. Our second vid, created by B~Ware Crew (after "No Comment"), is finally done!!! It took some time 2 create this video, but it's worth it. This video is even better than "No Comment". It contains more original stunts, a storyline and some nice spins/gaps B~Ware Crew Proudly presents: "I want to believe" Hope u enjoy the video This video is absolutely mod/cheat free. (All tricks are landed btw)
  10. Ramons (Member of B~Ware Crew) Caddy Maddness is better
  11. That would be nice Offtopic: [LsL]DarkOur: Our vid (No Comment) is btw a real nice stunt vid
  12. I really wanna see it, but the download link doesnt work
  13. [/b] \I dont think this movie is totally bad, just some suggestions/explanations Our next vid is soon coming btw
  14. Some things about the preview - Try more day stunting (time-cheat, weather-cheat) - I think faggio/car stunting really sux, unless its really impressive - the vid would very nice if you ad some more impressive stunts (final version) - The music didnt fit to the vid/stunts - Nice skins/car model But I think the final version could be really nice
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