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  1. I'm wondering how can I achieve the effect of those cinematic black bars on the top and bottom of a screen? (like here: )
  2. I am using the removePedFromVehicle function in order to eject players from vehicles, but when I do that it immediately teleports the player on the top of the vehicle. Is there an alternative so that the vehicle exiting animation is also done?
  3. I tried reducing the player sync to 50 but it's the same. Sorry for double posting!
  4. Bullet sync is activated. I will try reducing the player sync, but doesn't this use more CPU? Won't there be problems at a big playerbase?
  5. Hello, I am in a transition from SA:MP to MTA after I was blown out by MTA's advanced features. I am now trying to create a gamemode from scratch in order to learn lua, and I'm currently working on a deathmatch system. I have found a problem (for me), though: sometimes when I'm shooting a running target (and I hit them), the target doesn't always lose hp. Instead, I need to shoot behind that target (in a point where the target was positioned previously). I understand that this a sync issue, but is there a method to bypass this? Can I somehow trust the damager about the bullet sync, instead of the damaged player? Here's a video to prove this: In the video you can see how the targeted player makes the "damaged" animation, but he doesn't lose hp. P.S: I have increased the FPS cap from the default (36 i think) to 60
  6. Nevermind. Found out about function getElementByIndex. If anyone is wondering, to get the vehicle element with ID 1 you need to use getElementByIndex("vehicle", 1). I love Lua.
  7. Let's say I have the following array 'vehicles': local vehicles = { } local vehicle for i=1,10 do -- ( considering I have no vehicle spawned on the server before executing this code ) vehicle = createVehicle( 522, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, "mta" ) -- dont mind the parameters, it's just mockup data vehicles[vehicle] = { testvar = 1 } end Let's say outside this code, I want to access the "testvar" variable for vehicle ID 1. How can I do that? I have tried doing the following: outputChatBox(type((vehicles[1]).testvar)) -- vehicles[1] is nil ..but vehicles[1] seems to be nill.
  8. Multi Theft Auto is a damn good multiplayer modification for GTA San Andreas. I've been playing SA:MP for a while and I would really want to make the transition to MTA. However, MTA seems to require a lot of resources (at least for me). In Single-Player I get more than 100 fps. Same in SA:MP. However, in MTA I only manage to get no more than 36 FPS. This wouldn't bother me if I wasn't playing on servers with a lot of custom mapping and other things that require even more resources. The FPS is the same on a local-hosted server with no modifications as well. I am using a laptop for all of these, however the hardware specs are not bad. I can easily play GTA 5, Witcher 3 and other new games without any problem. Here's the specs: Intel Core i7 5500U (4CPUs, ~2.4GHz) GeForce GT840M video card 8GB of RAM I have updated all the drivers and I am using Windows 10 Version 10.0.14393 Build 14393. Setting everything to Low in the Settings page doesn't change anything. The FPS remains exactly the same whether I am using a 'Low' or a 'Very High' setting. Am I the only one with this problem? Okay I've just found out about the 36 FPS limit in mtaserver.conf. Why is there a limit, though? Do there appear problems if the FPS limit is 60? (or higher?)