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  1. [Help]xmlLoadFile Furniture list

    Yes but you have opened xml file in variable NODE and then you getting value id and name from varible subnode but you doenst opening xml and you dont have variable subnode //EDIT: Sorry i now see you have variable subnode.
  2. [Help]xmlLoadFile Furniture list

    You have node = xmlLoadFile("objects.xml") buut you loading id and name from xml in variable subnode.
  3. Meno v hre: arciCZ Slovensko/ Cesko: Česko Server: CrexLite (Player) Ovladám: PHP, CSS, PAWN, LUA
  4. Anyone can help me for this Scoreboard with flag

    Send ther source code. If we dont have source then we can edit anything.
  5. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    Is there ingame editor for that ?
  6. Vehicle shot

    Hello, I have a question, is there any chance to find out when a player shoots what part of the car he has hit?
  7. Help!

    createMarker destroyElement setTimer You can make marker into variable and start timer when your timer maked then you can destroyelement on variable with marker then you create new marker.
  8. Problem with requirement

    I try this but in debugscript send me number. //Edit: Thank you verry much. That is function.
  9. Problem with requirement

    Hello, i have one problem but that doesn´t say anything errors / warnings. If i send mysql command to SQL Form in phpmyadmin then that give me values of i need and same values give into game but condition if tip == 1 then doens´t called can they help me ? (Variable tip = 1) function test(thePlayer, cmd) local tip = 0 local plat = 0 local id = getElementData(thePlayer, "dbid") local query = mysql:query('SELECT * FROM `PojistitVeh` WHERE `Enabled`=1 AND `Character`="'.. id ..'"') while true do local row = mysql:fetch_assoc(query) if not row then return end tip = row["Tip"] outputDebugString(plat .. "|" .. tip) if tip == 1 then plat = plat + 200 end if tip == 2 then plat = plat + 500 end if tip == 3 then plat = plat + 800 end if tip == 4 then plat = plat + 1000 end if tip == 5 then plat = plat + 1500 end end end addCommandHandler("testvyplata", test, false, true) Thank for help.