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  1. BTW, is it intentional that Submarines can be destroyed with just a few aircraft bullets? My sub gets rekt almost all the time when I don't submerge by enemy planes. But submarines can bear 1-2 grenades?
  2. @Einheit-101 Only that specific jetdoor has the collision bug. Others work just fine Also, am I the only one who can't enable Dynamic Lightings in F1?
  3. @Suar It's perfectly fine. To play on the server, you need to download the nightly update from the official MTA site Go here https://nightly.mtasa.com/ @Einheit-101 A really cool collision bug on TDM-Carrier map next to Wehrmacht spawn https://ibb.co/g39yY9
  4. @STRIKE-EAGLEOnce the auto update comes, everyone will join back, hopefully Some players might join earlier if they know how to update manually and if they're not a lazy heck
  5. We found a small but still, a bug on Lagoon. On a ladder to the Howitzer near BLUE base, a ladder is having some depression. Ladder climb anim wouldn't play while climbing it Image https://ibb.co/h1W0qe In this IMG, i only had the jump anim, not the climbing anim
  6. @Einheit-101 Well, my in-game account name is R4FSAN
  7. @R8ZOM I can't just find you always in Discord. Same applies to jack Also, it doesn't matter how many mods there currently are assigned in the server. I'm talking about active moderators. The only active mods are you and Jack. But I mostly don't find you both when i play ;~;
  8. This bug can let you go invisible and invinsible to everything. However, you can only be killed if your occupied tank is destroyed. BTW, can I get Moderator role? I usually see some kids using binds to spam in the chat. Some of them just heavily insult you after you kill them. Gotta mute them hard so they calm down or smth( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) An example of someone who has no chill: https://ibb.co/m8zt5e
  9. I just found a bug where if you attach any Artillary to an American Half-Track, the attached trailer would just skid off. This can be pretty annoying sometimes as it can sometimes get the trailer under the road, stucked in buildings etc.
  10. Okay, so I have 2 Suggestions for the server 1. Leaderboards >Simply just by pressing the F7 key, you can open the leaderboards and view the chart of top players >This can include Most hours in-game, which will display a list of players with the most play time (many might abuse it by farming hours tho) >Most K/D. Displays the players with the most K/D and the K/D itself >Most Kills. Self explainatory 2. Cache >Many players would just leave the hopes of playing in this server because of the huge size of the download file (258 MB, more or less). So, I suggest a cache which will download the contents while the player is playing. Players might only download the custom weapons and maps before they start playing so it doesn't break the gameplay for them. Might be a bit bugged though
  11. @Sommy Why would you want to headshot enemy pilots in a plane?
  12. Looks like team killing is still not cured. Votekicking is ineffective too. Maybe another way to eradicate this problem?
  13. Wait, there are some bugs. The Hud sometimes gets bugged (Some objects in the HUD won't display) The U-Boat and the American Submarines have Enter key bound to F. But the Submerge key is also bound to F. This makes the submarine get bugged when someone with Enter key bound to F presses the F on Submarine. This kicks out the player from the Vehicle and makes the Submarine undrive-able as long as it's not Respawned
  14. My long awaited Submarine! FINALLY! Thanks a lot Einheit!
  15. Hello. Today, all the players requested HAWK to put a new Modern server. Now, not only Russians, but players from foreign countries ask for a Modern server. This has been a thing for a while now. And I think a modern server would make the project SAAW to stand on a popularity. So, I request you eagerly to put up a Modern server.