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  1. This probably came out of a horror movie or something: https://ibb.co/esFJjK
  2. Well, the deleting projectiles from spawn area feature deletes not only enemy projectiles but also friendly ones
  3. That's actually how we all discovered the Rapid fire bug with the rocket trucks (I think that's what we call them?!) I don't think any player got harmed while we did this bug as the active player count was a bit low
  4. Destroyers seem to have lower HP than the Merchant. The Merchant can be sunk with 4 Torpedoes while the Destroyers need only 3 (Or a bit more). Not sure if it was intentionally done or not
  5. @R8ZOM I once used hydra because I was Off-War (To balance the teams)
  6. Not sure what happened with the 1st, 4th and 5th picture but in the 2nd img, I actually fell in the water and after i came on the land I found out i could only move my camera but couldn't move my character towards it. I only used jetpack for a slight second and still couldn't fix this issue. Had to kill myself then. Ahh, In Chinatown war, I found a place to jump from to get into the other side of the roof, if I can jump from an allied grenade at the perfect time, I can climb onto a roof and continue to there
  7. We already told you it was for some fun and testing. I also found a bug with the jetpack
  8. Cheating his XP to 40k just doesn't work I try to do it but he never receives the XP
  9. But we need to verify that you were a LVL22. If you have any screenshot of it so I would give you back your level
  10. @Sultanklau0t0as1 We need to see the proof that you were actually a LVL22 in Whermacht team tho
  11. I actually meant revived player. Just had a typo and couldn't edit it
  12. The revive feature is actually kinda useless as it doesn't erase the death of the revive player and the kill of the murderer
  13. Flamethrowers now can... instakill?!
  14. BTW, is it intentional that Submarines can be destroyed with just a few aircraft bullets? My sub gets rekt almost all the time when I don't submerge by enemy planes. But submarines can bear 1-2 grenades?
  15. @Einheit-101 Only that specific jetdoor has the collision bug. Others work just fine Also, am I the only one who can't enable Dynamic Lightings in F1?