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  1. First off, you asked for feedback; people gave input. Don't fukking cry because people criticized your video. Use their feedback to make a betetr video next time instead of going psycho because your video sucked. One more thing, learn to fukking english. I doubt anyone can even understand your post. No punctuation whatsoever, terrible spelling and it just didn't make sense. I guess if you're a 9 year old it's okay though.
  2. Fuck, you have pushed originality to the limits. I loved every stunt in that video. One stunt after another I was shocked at hoe great the stunts were. Before you think I'm kissin' your ass, I honestly don't know if I liked it better than v3. I think v3 still might be at the top in my all time best stunt videos list. But don't get me wrong; the shit in v4 is all original; the editing and synching is unelieveable; the stunts and grinds are brilliant, and the quality is great as usual. It was nice while it lasted, eh. Hope to see you come out of retirement some day.
  3. Man, I was anticipating an exceptional video and I sure as hell was not disappointed. That is no doubt one of the best videos I have ever watched. Everything was original; editing and the grinds were incredible. Overall, it was amazing. Great job, guys.
  4. I finished my first video just yesterday and andyroososoft and Bloodymess13 hosted it for me. Thanks guys. Site 1 Download [ andy's site ] Site 2 Download [ TGA ] Any feedback is definitely appreciated. Again, this is my first video, so don't hold back any comments, because it'll always help me improve in the future.
  5. Definitely you're best work yet. Great job, man. Lots of originality and variety in this video and the stunts are fantastic. You had some huge spins, which I thought were some of the best parts of the video. 10/10 for sure.
  6. Good stuff, andy. I thought the editing was nice, and the Faggio stunts are always great to watch. I look forward to seeing your new video.
  7. Dammit, earlier I did a 3000 something spin but I fell off the back a second after landing. I'm concentrating on beating that record for now.
  8. Great video man. I thought it was great all the way to the end. I loved the ending too, great way to finish it off. Good job.
  9. I tried downlaoding the 2.0 demo off their website but when I try to video my videos they are messed up. There's a bunch of lines down the screen so I can't even see what's going on. If anyone else knows any other programs for capturing video. I also tried downloading andyroososoft's replay program but I don't know how to view the saved replays. Any help is appreciated. Also, if anyone can assist me on compressing video using VirtualDub and/or Windows Movie Maker. I am having trouble with those.
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