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  1. No, I'll test it now. I tested with the tshirt, but with hats not caught, still continues to crash the game
  2. My replace addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart',resourceRoot,function () txd = engineLoadTXD( '21.txd' ) engineImportTXD( txd, 30251 ) dff = engineLoadDFF('21.dff', 30251) engineReplaceModel( dff, 30251) end)
  3. I'm putting in new models, it's the client
  4. Hello, I'm trying to modify the original clothes of the game but when I get it, the game closes does anyone know how to solve it?
  5. Hello, how do I open a panel by marker?
  6. ViniG

    [HELP] Clothes

    Hi, I'm trying to get the player to push on a button and set a clothes for him, but of the error on line 3, can someone help me? tks function roupat () takePlayerMoney(root, 10) setPedClothes(player, 0, 11) end addEvent("roupa1", true) addEventHandler("roupa1", root, roupat)
  7. How to change the chat position?
  8. What can I use to make all players invisible and just what is playing visible?
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