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  1. [HELP] doublesided

  2. [HELP] doublesided

    object in a map file. in wiki
  3. [HELP] doublesided

    i want in .lua file not .map
  4. [HELP] doublesided

    How to turn it on doublesided with this code
  5. [HELP] doublesided

    I'm a noob in scripting, I want to doublesided and lods
  6. [HELP] doublesided

    how to do it doublesided?
  7. [REL]Map Joux Hillclimb

    no problem, yes
  8. [REL]Map Joux Hillclimb

    Convert from rfactor Download video
  9. [help] light custom map

    Is it possible to make lights work on custom maps, like in GTA SA with some scripts?
  10. [help] light custom map

    no, - fps low I want standard lights
  11. [help] light custom map

    yes that the light from the headlights was on the road as well as the standard gta sa model
  12. [help] light custom map

    no ,light that on the road was
  13. [help] light custom map

    so that the lights are displayed on the map
  14. [help] light custom map

    How can I make the light from the headlights on the but IPL etc.