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  1. I need help

    In the afternoon I do, thanks for the help and I will notify you in case of anything. But, how can I restore my 'gta_sa.exe'?
  2. I need help

  3. I need help

    is the first time it happens to me, and I have not installed any 'codec' (https://pastebin.mtasa.com/607366622) that I have to do?
  4. I need help

  5. I need help

    I have a pirate GTA, I tried different methods of installation, the last one I installed was a RIP but still my MTA causes problems
  6. I need help

    What do you mean "fresh"?
  7. I need help

  8. I need help

    The same sounds of the MTA, are repeated every time like for example the countdown (Game race mode)
  9. I need help

    Lately in my MTA application there has been a bug which affects the sounds of MTA which annoy me while playing. Is there any solution to this problem? PS: The sounds of the GTA itself work well for me, the MTA presents me with problems. Thanks in advance, I hope they help me. Best regards, Mixes