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  1. I can already access the resources, for this I use a GET request with a Login and Password. I cannot find out how many players are on the server and the server name. As far as I know, LOGIN and PASSWORD are not needed for this. How will monitoring services learn this information? Sorry if my question is not clear. I use a translator to communicate with you! def givePlayerDonatePoints(server_ip, server_http_port, player_login, bot_password, amount): req = requests.get(f'http://{server_ip}:{server_http_port}/payment/call/MTAPaymentData?user={player_login}::{amount}', auth=
  2. This works with `Django`, so it didn't work for me. I need to find out information about the server using regular `requests`. I need to know how to get the name of the server by its IP: PORT
  3. How to call a lua script function from a site? I don’t know what POST request to send to the server to get a response! I'm trying to do it like this: [LUA] function MTACheck(user) account = getAccount(user) if account then return "OK" else return "ERROR" end end [PYTHON] import requests ipp = '4*.17*.4*.4*:3***2' # it's my IP:PORT server adress user = '6E860E******************8E0F65F2' #it's my login from server req = requests.post(f'http://{ipp}/payment/call/MTAPaymentCheck', data = {'user': f'{user}'}) print( str(req.text) ) Received from the server: Acces
  4. Имея шейдер blackwhite.fx хотелось бы узнать, как доработать его таким образом, чтобы черно-белым было всё кроме педов. Педов нужно перекрасить в белый.
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