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    Alt + Tab = Black Screen.

    And why are you posting this on media? ๐Ÿ˜‘
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    My multilingual welcome

    It's cool looking. How long did it take you to make it?
  3. TheGam3r23

    i dont know how to join a server

    Have you downloaded MTA and San Andreas ?
  4. TheGam3r23

    Fast Cbug video

    Hey this is my first MTA video ever and ,as you can probably guess, it consists of a few fast cbugging attempts.
  5. TheGam3r23

    MTASA bought by SAMP (April Fools)

    Aff that roast.
  6. TheGam3r23

    [ROLEPLAY] Warrior Gaming Roleplay

    How about posting screenshots of the server and giving us more information?
  7. TheGam3r23


    There are definitely a some servers with voice chat, you just have to search harder.
  8. TheGam3r23

    [DM][PL-EN] Endless War

    Seems a little bit different that most generic rpg and rp servers so i'll certainly give it a go. I just hope that you guys have a native english speaker or someone who is fluent in english in your staff team because in the video that you shared almost everything seems to be in polish.
  9. Basically, every time i run MTA these two files go to the recycle bin and even if i erase them from there they reappear whenever i run MTA again. Why does this happen and what is the purpose of these files? (these are the two files i'm talking about)
  10. TheGam3r23

    Files being moved to the recycle bin as soon as i run MTA

    Sorry for double posting but it has been about 14 days since i posted this and i still have no replies. @Dutchman101 , or any other moderator/admin, can you please reply?
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    Get good.
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    Looking for non-PvP server

    Try to play in rpg servers. Although they have PvP you can play as a civilian to earn money.
  13. TheGam3r23


    Who the hell uses cheat engine in MTA?
  14. TheGam3r23


    This is the greatest reply i have ever seen ๐Ÿ˜‚
  15. The discord link is expired and some screenshots have been deleted.
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    It looks nice,well done dude!
  17. I hope this turns out to be a good unique and fun server but thus far it looks like some PUBG servers with Rust's hud.
  18. I didn't call the server a copycat for no reason lmao. I saw your screenshots and it just seems like all the other 100 rpg servers out there.
  19. TheGam3r23

    Looking for an RPG server

    Try searching for "Classic-vanilla rpg servers" in the search bar. You might find a server you like
  20. TheGam3r23

    [SHOW] First Person Weapons

    The animations look kinda weird and the aim slow and laggy but since it's still in beginning stages it is ok. Nice job dude ๐Ÿ‘
  21. Is this another topic for that awful rpg server?
  22. TheGam3r23

    [TUT] Learning to Code With MTA:SA (Video)

    Nice job! You should definitely upload more when you have the time.
  23. TheGam3r23

    [UGN] RPG Server [English]

    Why would i waste even 2 minutes in your server if it is the same like all the other rpg servers out there?