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  1. The discord link is expired and some screenshots have been deleted.
  2. TheGam3r23


    It looks nice,well done dude!
  3. I hope this turns out to be a good unique and fun server but thus far it looks like some PUBG servers with Rust's hud.
  4. I didn't call the server a copycat for no reason lmao. I saw your screenshots and it just seems like all the other 100 rpg servers out there.
  5. TheGam3r23

    Looking for an RPG server

    Try searching for "Classic-vanilla rpg servers" in the search bar. You might find a server you like
  6. TheGam3r23

    [SHOW] First Person Weapons

    The animations look kinda weird and the aim slow and laggy but since it's still in beginning stages it is ok. Nice job dude 👍
  7. Is this another topic for that awful rpg server?
  8. TheGam3r23

    [TUT] Learning to Code With MTA:SA (Video)

    Nice job! You should definitely upload more when you have the time.
  9. TheGam3r23

    [UGN] RPG Server [English]

    Why would i waste even 2 minutes in your server if it is the same like all the other rpg servers out there?
  10. TheGam3r23

    [UGN] RPG Server [English]

    The whole point of this topic is for you to show the things that your server offers to the players so they become interested in it. Why would i waste even 5 minutes of my life to another rpg server that has similar or even the same resources as other ones?
  11. Seems like a cool server. Definitely not like the usual overdone dayz sh*t. Good job 👍
  12. TheGam3r23

    [Help] Add New Weapons and New Vehicles

    So you can create and add new weapons without over writing the old ones?
  13. TheGam3r23

    [UGN] RPG Server [English]

    Does this server even have anything unique? It seems like every other rpg server. (Correct me if i am wrong)
  14. TheGam3r23

    [FREE] PUBG Gamemode

    It looks the exact same like the other 50 PUBG servers out there,pathetic.