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  1. Nice tutorial, looking forward to your next update on it!
  2. MrGreen gaming is a racing server that is pretty popular. I'd also suggest a freeroam server like Default P if you want to mess around in cars.
  3. The inside looks pretty messy but it seems like a nice script overall. Good job!
  4. This will never happen. The MTA team is essentially giving us MTA, they aren't hosting a TV show. It's up to the players to create servers. Not every server is a copy.
  5. What kind of server are you looking for? Your initial post is messy.
  6. Try to look for a server that covers your needs, begging people to make a server you want isn't going to cut it.
  7. Imagine the spam, threats, insults that would happen if a global MTA chat were to be added.
  8. Merry Christmas and thank you for putting my video on your list! Happy holidays everyone!
  9. Intriguing server at first glance,but such an awful design ruins it. The different menus are poorly made and have a few grammar mistakes. Also, the hud is on the same level of bad design as the menus, your inventory covers a big part of the screen and you can barely tell where the healthbar is located at. The minimap is all white with A and B in black. It is so rushed that if you move towards one side of the map the site that is further away from you will just disappear. Furthermore, i disagree with the choices of weapons you have made available. For instance, the dual pistols(T-side) vs silenced pistol (CT-side) seem a little one sided. Also, i don't understand why you have made the weapons cost those amounts or why you even have the minigun available for purchase. Also, i don't know if it a known bug or not but the smoke grenade doesn't work at all. Gameplay-wise "Bomb Arena" is a Tactics server with the bonus of the bomb and two plant sites for now. If you work on it then it has the potential to become a pretty decent "MTA-CSGO" clone server.