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  1. This is in MTA Chat
  2. You can just search the name of the game mode you want to play and find servers that way.
  3. TheGam3r23


    You can text your friends and arrange on what server to play on so having a DM system outside of servers is pointless. Also, they usually update MTA at November each year - from what i've noticed the past two years- so updates are pretty frequent. They also have small updates that fix bugs so you can't expect anything else since they're doing a good job at it. If you have friends that quit playing because of this then you guys are ungrateful.
  5. Currently, if i have binded 3 commands on one key i have to re-bind them every time i run MTA. It would be better if you made it so people could bind multiple commands on one key without having to redo the whole binding procedure every time they run MTA.
  6. @Einheit-101 Why aren't you buying ads so as to attract players to your server? It is dead and updating it doesn't do much
  7. And why are you posting this on media? 😑
  8. It's cool looking. How long did it take you to make it?
  9. TheGam3r23

    Fast Cbug video

    Hey this is my first MTA video ever and ,as you can probably guess, it consists of a few fast cbugging attempts.