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  1. i jus cnt b arsed with mta for the pc. i cnt b arse dwith the server crashing cos last time it fucked up me pc causing me 2 have to rformat it! now with the xbox if the server fru the gam crashes then jus simple quick restar. Oi aslso dnt give me shit its jus an idea by the way... jus seeing if the mta team wud do it. obviously not so im gonna try with me m8s. i dint ask for abuse . jus coz you have an opinion on how u think the Xbox is shit i dnt care. but theres plenty of shit u can name n i cud slag it off. its jus life. if u dnt like me n want ppl to ignoe DONT BOTHER FUCKING POSTING NEFIN
  2. rite lisen carfully bloker... u dnt get it .... GTA 3 and VC are out for the xbox format so thats okay... none of this 800mhz shit ure tlking bout. im not saying run the pc format of VC or GTA 3 on the xbox thats impossible. im talking about getting mta on the xbox and playing the xbox version of gta3 or VC on the xbox mta. or even have gta on the xbox and mta on the pc and play online on ure xbox. ALSO im talking bout running servers off the xbox for mta. i dint say nefin about playing and runnin a server at the same time ok! it is possible.
  3. see b0b0 understands me n it can work bcoz i have been looking up on it 2day on the net. dnt lock up this topic its open so ppl like b0b0 or u can expresses ure ideas and feelings towards this suggestion of mta on the xbox. and btw for the last fucking time if mta was placed on and xbox which then was connected to a pc u cud av a server which P.Cs can join. not jus an xbox server. so shut the fuck up about how no1 has their xboxes modded. its mta on a modded windows 2000 Xbox to be able to run servers off the xbox onto the net using a modded xbox and pc. its not for just modded xboxs for fu
  4. well im gonna try if thats ok with u or is it noT?
  5. BLOKKER we are not talking bout putting the 2 pc games of GTA 3 and VC on xbox because there are both now out in a bundle set for the console... its jus the question of gettin mta to work on the xbox
  6. ure completely missing the point here. i have GTA: 3 and VC for the xbox........ it will b possible to play mta on my xbox and then play pc game servers on the xbox which is conencted to my pc on the xbox format GTA. theres an action replay for xbox which works through the hacking of the memory same as gta Multiplayer mods do. dnt pretend u cnt do it.
  7. but if u dnt want me to do it..... and want to wait so u work it out thats fine as it will b quicker for u to do it
  8. u no i can do it with help off other ppl..... and im not saying everyone play it on the xbox. i play it on a modded xbox with mta on the pc or summet or on the xbox.i play in PC servers on my xbox. n b4 u say u cant do that..... i have done it b4 with other games. COUNTERSTRike
  9. .... lawer eh? av u ad permission off Rockstar to make GTA online?
  10. u jus dnt wnt me 2 get it working b4 u it is possible, xbox are fast, and capable of running my win 2k at a fast speed and i can run msn on it and there no lag or shit like that. if i ran mta on me xbox i cud get it workin, change few codes mess bout. if i got linux n win 2k working on it without ne help sure i can get mta. counterstrike is designed only for pc. i got it on xbox? work that out
  11. i have to xboxs both modded with both 120 gig hdd one has windows 2k on it the other is for playing games. sumhow i rekon if i tried real hard i could get the xbox to play mta, which i av 2 fiddle round with online with the pc? u no wot i mean coz i can run counterstrike servers on my xbox for the pc.? so i rekon same with mta but a lot harder
  12. the codes are virtually the same and if u got a modded Xbox its not so hard wont b as gud but if i use the pc and xbox together and can mess around and sumhow get it to work
  13. hello Everyone, this is a forum on the MTA for the xbox. it hasn started to be made yet but will be under way soon and this forum is to hope it becomes quicker.
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