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  1. (GTC)Maxman

    Help at smth at installing the sv

    I installed mta server on centos 7 how can i add to it ftp and mysql to it
  2. (GTC)Maxman

    MTA/SAMP servers Hosting ! Free/paid

  3. (GTC)Maxman

    Free gameservers & Web host

    i needed a free sv
  4. (GTC)Maxman

    MTA V نقاش

    ممكن في المستقبل
  5. (GTC)Maxman


    no i didnt i did scan to mta its found 62 FILE HAve virus
  6. (GTC)Maxman


    well i downloaded avast and i did full scan and i did reinstall to mta but i didn't do anything to GTA and nothing happened before is there other program?
  7. (GTC)Maxman


    https://upload.mtasa.com/u/187968650/eax.dll_ this link
  8. (GTC)Maxman


    https://pastebin.mtasa.com/449260691 gave me this
  9. (GTC)Maxman

    what's worng

    No Errors
  10. (GTC)Maxman


    done i did full scan and only scan to mta and nothing happened
  11. (GTC)Maxman

    what's worng

    its LangChat Script idk why its wont work and its not giving errors at debugscript Could anyone help me addCommandHandler("LangChat", function (thePlayer, cn, ...) if isPlayerMuted(thePlayer) or isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)) then return end if isTimer(spam[thePlayer]) then exports.GTCMessages:sendClientMessage("Anti-spam: please refrain from spamming the chats!",thePlayer, 255, 0, 0) return end if plang[getElementData(thePlayer, "Country")] then ctr = plang[getElementData(thePlayer, "Country")] isclg = true else ctr = getElementData(thePlayer, "Country") isclg = false end r, g, b = getTeamColor(getPlayerTeam(thePlayer)) if getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(thePlayer)) == "Government" and getElementData(thePlayer,"Clan") == "SWAT" then r, g, b = 12, 2, 219 end if getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(thePlayer)) == "Government" and getElementData(thePlayer,"Clan") == "Military" then r, g, b = 21, 97, 8 end spam[thePlayer] = setTimer(function () end, 1000, 1) for k, v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do --- getElementData(v, "nonEnglishChat")) if(ifnot(isclg, plang[getElementData(v, "Country")], getElementData(v, "Country")) == ctr ) then if getElementData(v,"nonEnglishChat") then outputChatBox("("..ctr..") "..string.gsub(getPlayerName(thePlayer), "#%x%x%x%x%x%x", "")..": #FFFFFF"..table.concat({...}, " "), v, r, g, b, true) end end end outputServerLog("LANGCHAT: ("..ctr..") "..getPlayerName(thePlayer)..": "..table.concat({...}, " ")) logThis("Lang Chat", "("..ctr..") "..getPlayerName(thePlayer)..": "..table.concat({...}, " ")) end) function ifnot(a, b, c) if a then return b else return c end end plang = { --- Arabic End ["Portugal"] = "Portuguese", ["Brazil"] = "Portuguese", ["Slovenia"] = "Ex-Yu", ["Serbia"] = "Ex-Yu", ["Croatia"] = "Ex-Yu", ["Macedonia"] = "Ex-Yu", } addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), function () bindKey(source, "5", "down", "chatbox", "LangChat") dap = source fetchRemote(""..getPlayerIP(dap), countryCheck, "", false, dap) end) function countryCheck(resp, erno, dap) if resp ~= "ERROR" then if(fromJSON(resp)["query"] == "") then pip = "Portugal" else pip = fromJSON(resp)["country"] end setElementData(dap, "Country", pip) setElementData(dap, "CC", string.lower(fromJSON(resp)["countryCode"] or "zz")) if fileExists(":admin/client/images/flags/"..getElementData(dap, "CC")..".png") then path = ":admin/client/images/flags/"..getElementData(dap, "CC")..".png" else path = ":admin/client/images/flags/zz.png" end setElementData(dap,"Pic",path) if getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(dap)) == "Maxman" then setElementData(dap, "Country", "Brazil") end end end
  12. (GTC)Maxman


    im getting auto kick from the game (Kicked From VF #20007000) Can Any one Help me to fix it ScreenShot
  13. (GTC)Maxman

    تصحيح كود

    Any Admin Delete this Please
  14. (GTC)Maxman

    Free gameservers & Web host

    slots so low of mta we need like 50,100slot
  15. (GTC)Maxman

    Problem in code

    im asking for help from Good One not from you i didnt ask u for help then dont talk