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    Now i dont know somethin happened yesterday and it says grand theft auto audio card not installed or something like this, now when i open mta i see taskbar and i lag sometimes, i need to uninstall mta and install it again? Or i can do smth in settings so i dont lag and dont see the taskbar? Please help. Thanks
  2. MTA is crashing

    Hello i waited a lot... i cant play because of crashing @ccw
  3. MTA is crashing

    so? i cant play send videoor any thing @ccw
  4. MTA is crashing

    srsly man? can u send a video and i will follow? i cant understand anything......
  5. MTA is crashing

    Hi? ccw help me please bro @ccw i cant play because of crash answer me
  6. MTA is crashing

    Hello? so???? @ccw
  7. MTA is crashing

    i cant understand u...... Moved</title></head> <body><h1>Object Moved</h1>This document may be found <a HREF="">here</a></body> what is that?? so what i should to do now??? lol
  8. MTA is crashing

    help !!!
  9. MTA is crashing

    What i should to do when i download? @ccw so what i should to do? :c
  10. MTA is crashing open that link
  11. MTA is crashing

    Mmm? I have only process memory... Maybe my screen is small? i had ss open:
  12. MTA is crashing

    Process memory 472740 it's changing @ccw
  13. MTA is crashing

    pff, im still lagging a lot and crashing so? @ccw
  14. Downloading icon

    Sometimes my laptop get black screen and that that downloading icon downloads so slow slow.... is there solution for it
  15. MTA is crashing

    I just did those things 1) Settings->Advanced->Fast CJ clothes loading->Off 2) Settings->Advanced->Streaming memory->Min Will i dont crash anymore? I didnt understand how to do this another things