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  1. [NEW]Hud system v1.2.0

    I know! Thanks for your suggestion.
  2. [NEW]Hud system v1.2.0

    Its ok mate.
  3. [NEW]Hud system v1.2.0 Update new simpel hud system v1.2.0. Report any bugs if there. "Much updates coming soon." [Bugfixe]: Fixe health player. Screenshout:
  4. [REL] Glue (newly written)

    Nice Work!
  5. help [xml]

    Show me your Meta.xml, Maybe I'll try to help ya.
  6. Soaps Ultimate Clan Panel v.1.0

    Have a nice time.
  7. Soaps Ultimate Clan Panel v.1.0

    Wow, Nice one. mate.
  8. Report community resources here!

    Thats script Clones Grafuroam one. DENIED
  9. [HELP] Killmessage (hydra rocket kills on vehicle)

    Thank you very much its working fine!!!, But RPG doesnt show anything. And player need to finish his "Killmessage download" to see it. And Hydra+Rhino and other vehicle have missiles.
  10. where can I find this script

    That's Grafuroam server. The script it's easy to find it.
  11. Big Marker

    You can use "Editor" For edit place or add markers in your server.
  12. [HELP] Killmessage (hydra rocket kills on vehicle)

    Bruh, I just need help. No for give me the script man
  13. [HELP] Killmessage (hydra rocket kills on vehicle)

    I try many times! And its doesn't work Please i need help I'm begging you
  14. [HELP] Killmessage (hydra rocket kills on vehicle)

    I know, that isn't proplem. But i really want to fix it, and i just come here to ask someone if he have that script or text about player killed inside his car. and showing on killmessage. Is like shot rocket and player inside his car, then he blow up. is like i killed him without his car. Please help
  15. Hey again, I want to fix killmessages for my server so that it shows hydra or hunter rocket kills on players inside a vehicle. When a rocket was fired at a car and my friend was in a car, it appears as if no one had killed him. (skull icon, just ''died'') here's photo: Please help me!